TXP- Texolution-Point

The innovative new textile lifting point to protect sensitive surfaces of loads

RUD introduces an innovative new lifting point for products where sensitive surfaces must not be damaged. The TXP-Texolution-Point combines a lifting point base body made from steel with an especially developed eyelet plus a textile round sling. The danger of damage to high-value surfaces declines considerably for some applications because this design keeps the lifting chain at a safe distance.

  • Protect high-value load surfaces – less damage from lifting means
  • Damage to sensitive surfaces can be largely ruled out

  • The low-weight design simplifies  handling, making it ergonomic for the user
  • The TXP can remain attached to the load during transport without causing damage as the textile component is the only moving part of the lifting point.
  • First combination lifting point made from steel and textile with tested and guaranteed total WLL

The TXP-Texolution-Point is a ready-made solution that makes unsafe and untested self solutions unnecessary.