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Defence Capabilities

Defence Capabilities

The RUD Group is a globally certified supplier for defence systems and equipment for land, air and sea. We provide standard and specialist applications for the defence force that meet and exceed the industry’s exacting standards. As a certified contractor for defence systems and land, air and sea vehicle equipment, we are also involved in the ongoing maintenance of defence vehicle equipment.

Whether it’s peacekeeping missions, field studies, tactical assessments or high-risk military projects, our defence clients can rely on our solutions to see their work through to completion. RUD Australia takes part in defence trade shows such as Land Forces and IndoPacific so if you have any specific requirements for lifting, lashing, engineering and heavy vehicle hoist solutions, please contact us.

Innovative Material Handling and Lifting Solutions since 1984

  • Lightweight Load Securing and Lashing Systems, including Chain Slings and Other Safety Products
  • Customised Engineered Lifting Designs
  • General Fabrication of critical Defence components
  • The world's largest range of patented Lifting and Lashing Points
  • Non-skid Tyre chains for traction and safety
  • Material Handling and Automation solutions for defence facilities
  • The manufacturer of the only Australian Made Heavy Vehicle Hoist
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    Local Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing facility team is located in a 6000m² head office with warehouse in Brisbane, Queensland. Our comprehensive manufacturing solutions include:

    • Horizontal tensile testing
    • Vertical compression and tensile testing
    • Paint facility
    • Small to large, fabricated products
    • Robotic welding
    • Hardness testing
    • Non-destructive testing – MPI, dye penetrant

    Australian Engineering Services

    RUD Australia’s in-house team of highly qualified (CPEng/RPEQ) engineers design and deliver high-quality, bespoke products and solutions to many sectors, including defence, mining, power generation, manufacturing, construction, maritime and renewable energy. Our 6000m2 manufacturing facility located in Brisbane has a dedicated manufacturing team to offer complete solutions.

    While other companies subcontract their work offshore, we do it here. We guarantee local service and support from our first contact through to design, manufacture, delivery, training and commissioning.

    Our solutions solve real-world industry challenges and increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of any project.

    One location for service and support

    Keeping all these areas in one location helps us deliver more cost-effective and practical solutions to defence engineering challenges.

    Our specialities include:

    • Lifting system design
    • Product certification
    • Load restraint design and service
    • Materials handling solutions
    • Major inspections, testing and commissioning

    Certifications & Quality Assurance

    RUD Australia’s record of industry excellence is reflected in a rigorous internal testing system that ensures we meet – and exceed – the defence industry’s stringent standards.

    All of our products and solutions meet these standards and international quality systems:

    • AS/NZS ISO 3834 Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials (Part 2)
    • DIN 2303 Q2 BK1 - Welding of Military Products
    • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
    • AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
    • AS/NZS 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
    • ISO-IEC 17025 Standard Applications Document for Accreditation for Testing and Calibration Facilities
    • LEEA Lifting Standards Worldwide
    • NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities Australia
    • MADE IN AUSTRALIA - Endurequip Hoists

    Globally, RUD is an approved manufacturer to many international military forces with more than 1000 NATO Stock Numbers (NSN), and is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001, with NATO Cage Code D3800.

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    Load Restraint Systems

    RUD’s expertise lies in designing innovative chain solutions that solve defence industry challenges. We combine optimum strength with reduced size and weight to create load restraint systems that are far superior to anything else on the market.

    Our ICE Grade 120 offers a considerable 30% reduction in weight than Grade 80 hooks, using less material due to its light construction and easier handling. ICE Grade 120 possesses a 60% higher breaking force than Grade 80 chains, is extremely robust, tough and resilient to sharp and rough edges due to the chains increased strength.

    What this means is that an ICE lifting or lashing chain - no matter the nominal thickness - can replace a Grade 80 chain of the next-higher nominal thickness.

    The reduction in weight of more than 30% is a major safety advantage.


    Lashing Technology Systems

    Our top-rated lashing systems transport defence force equipment over land, sea and air. These systems use the most advanced technology and meet the latest Australian and international standards.

    We specialise in:

    • Design and development of lashing concepts
    • Customised solutions for specific transport requirements
    • Systematic load securing with a coordinated selection of high-quality grade 120 chain
    • Integrated pretension indicators

    As a globally certified contractor for military systems and equipment for land, air and sea vehicles, you can find RUD in many new defence projects.

    Critical Lifting Solutions

    RUD is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialised lifting systems for the defence sector for both standard and specialist applications and vehicles.

    chain hoist

    The First Manufacturer of Grade 120

    Innovation and product development is important at RUD, being the first manufacturer globally to be approved for Grade 120 chain.

    RUD ICE Grade 120 Chain offers many advantages for defence industry needs, including:

    • 30% reduction in weight than grade 80 chain
    • Higher lifting capacity, for easy and safe handling
    • A flexible modular system that requires less transport space
    • A unique RUD overload indicator that deforms before the lifting device becomes damaged
    • Forged safety latches on each hook
    • RUD shortening devices that do not reduce the working load limit (WLL)

    Lifting Points to suit all applications

    RUD lifting points stand for top quality, ergonomics and safety in lifting technology and load securing and have done for more than 35 years.

    Our extensive product range of RUD bolt-on and weld-on lifting points includes more than 600 patented lifting and lashing points for multi-directional loading in load ranges up to 250t to meet maximum requirements and integrating into many OEM projects.

    Additionally, a range of Lifting and Lashing Points have the DNVGL Seal of Approval for the provision of lifting points suited for offshore environment.

    We test and certify every product in the range to ensure it consistently meets our high standards for strength, performance and endurance.

    Exclusive Supplier of Australian Made Heavy Vehicle Hoists to the ADF

    Endurequip Hoists is a subsidiary of RUD Chains Australia. It’s the only heavy vehicle hoist brand trusted by the Australian Defence Force and the only Australian-Made heavy vehicle hoist manufacturer.

    defence armor lifting chains

    RUD's Endurequip Portalift® Hoist has a lifting capacity of 7.5 tonnes per hoist or 60 tonnes overall for a set of 8 hoists.

    These hoists use a unique, RUD-calibrated, chain-drive system, making it the safest and most robust portable hoist in Australia.

    The defence industry feels confident depending on Portalift because it is:

    • Low-maintenance - fitted with uncomplicated electronic circuitry and off-the-shelf components, resulting in reliable, trouble-free operation
    • Dust-proof and water-resistant - all switches, control boxes and motors rated at IP65, and usable in wash bays and extremely harsh environments
    • Built for a contemporary defence force

    Our range includes Portalift® hoists, stands and accessories for complete workshop solutions.

    Tyre Protection & Traction Chains

    Did you know that RUD supplies 65% of the world's Tyre Protection Chain market?

    From new adaptations of long-established welding, forging and heat treating technology, RUD has developed superior tyre protection and traction chains that have become an essential requirement in mining, quarrying, scrap handling, steel making, and demolition. RUD’s tyre protection and traction chains increase the longevity of tyre wear and provide increased traction in harsh climates.

    Our resilient, non-skid ice and traction chains are developed specifically for extreme conditions, guaranteeing maximum traction on snow, ice and off-road.

    Our lightweight traction chains have sturdy grip links that provide the necessary bite for military vehicles to move easily across soft sand or dirt and icy ground.

    Materials Handling & Rotation Technology

    The combination of TECDOS components and RUD round steel chain technology provides endless solutions to countless material handling challenges in applications where there is a requirement for rotation or slow movement with extremely high precision.

    • In maritime environments, RUD TECDOS is installed in innovative drive systems and form an ideal structure which can be used in harbour facilities including gangways, deck equipment shipyards or on vessels.
    • For plants and facilities where building infrastructure needs to change, RUD’s TECDOS drive and rotational systems for linear and rotating movement are an ideal application. Sliding roofs, doors and gates provides additional floor and height capacity suited for large production halls.
    • TECDOS is an ideal solution where lifting and rotating equipment for final assembly is required. Rotational solutions such as the Toolmover provides an ergonomic and safe assembly solution.

    RUD TECDOS round steel chain technology offers countless possibilities for lifting, rotating, and telescoping objects in the most difficult conditions and climates.

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