Wear-resistant round steel hoist chains

RUD is the global supplier for many hoist manufacturers providing high-wear resistant round steel chains in specified to EN 818-7 for motor driven and manual hoists.

The benefits of a RUD Round Steel Link Industrial Hoist Chain are:

  • Made in Germany and 100% calibrated
  • Uniform surface hardness and hardness depth, particularly in the joints
  • Narrow size tolerances and symmetrical link shape allow precision adjustment for take-up wheels.
  • High resistance to wear with long service life
  • Highest dynamic strength, maximum operating safety
  • Chain marking is a pre-condition for a clear proof of safety
  • Available from 3x9mm to 32x90mm

RUD Hoist Chains are used worldwide from wind power and industrial applications to stage technology.


Our Industrial & Hoist Chains

Original equipment manufacturer of the world's leading hoist brands with highly wear-resistant industrial chains, hoist chains and round steel chains.

  • Motor Driven Hoists

    Case hardened industrial and hoist chains quality class DAT for electric hoists RUD case hardened industrial and hoist chains.
  • Manual Driven Hoists

    Various quenched and tempered chains specifically designed for moderate wear applications for manual hoists.