Underground Mining Chains

The use of a Tyre Protection Chain in an underground mining environment greatly reduces unplanned downtime of front-line production machines, ensuring maximum time is spent doing the job they are designed for.

Sharp-edged stones and aggressive surfaces can destroy tyres within a short period. Whether it be iron ore in the Australian desert, diamonds in a freezing arctic lake, copper and gold high in the South American Andes or coal seams and complex deposits deep underground are all just a few challenges confronting companies in the industry today.

Mining has evolved and moved with the times and sophisticated machinery has superseded man. Given the substantial investments in these machines, optimal productivity is an essential and core requirement. Any unscheduled downtime is an unwanted and costly inconvenience. When wheeled machinery is involved, the profitability of the operation is dependent upon the tyres. Without which the machine is just a complex arrangement of parts. 


Our Underground Mining Chain Products