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Mines & Quarries

Tyre Chain Technology that is Strong and Durable even in Tough Conditions.

Did you know that RUD supplies 65% of the world's Tyre Protection Chain market?

We manufacture and supply tyre protection and traction chains for mining and quarrying trucks and machinery. Our long-lasting chains are a valuable investment, extending the lifespan of tyres on machinery operating on harsh surfaces.

We provide the best technical know-how, the highest quality, and the most comprehensive product range. With reliable protection, you can significantly reduce downtime and operating costs on-site.

In addition, our experts will be on hand from your initial inquiry to delivery and installation to routine check-ups and on-call for the life of your chain.

Mines & Quarries
New Innovations to Increase Productivity

Strong Lightweight Grade 120 Lifting Solutions for a Lower Weight.

The size and weight of your equipment have a direct impact on yield and productivity. RUD Australia’s world-leading chain technology is strong and lightweight, helping reduce overall system weights. Our lifting and lashing solutions create new opportunities for high productivity in mines and quarries.

Our product range includes more than 700 lifting slings and lashing points for multi-directional loading. Every product has been tested and certified to ensure it meets RUD’s exceptional strength, performance and endurance standards.

Our ICE chains and components are Grade 120, the strongest in the world. This quality-guaranteed product allows us to make smaller chain sizes and weights with the same high performance as a larger chain. ICE 120 products and engineered solutions offer significant opportunities to increase operational efficiency and safety across all industries.

RUD Solutions for Mines and Quarries

Our Quality Products Reduce Maintenance and Operating Costs.

RUD Australia is renowned for high-quality products and engineering expertise.

RUD’s in-house engineers provide concept-to-completion solutions to engineering problems. Our accredited experts help increase project productivity, efficiency and safety by designing and delivering bespoke products and solutions.

Our products and customised solutions are cost-effective and reliable. We help businesses remain competitive by reducing maintenance costs, operating expenses and solving real-world industry challenges.

Learn more about our Mining Solutions.

For more information on our mine and quarry solutions, download our brochure.
Lifting and Lashing Solutions
Our product range includes more than 700 lifting slings and lashing points for multi-directional loading.
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Tyre Protection Chains
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Our Projects

We are proud of the Quality, Customised Solutions we provide across multiple projects and industries

Looking for a smart, chain driven solution?

Our in-house engineers and product experts will work with you to design a system that improves safety, reliability and productivity.
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