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The RUD Group, head-quartered in Germany is a premium supplier of Tyre Protection Chains (TPC). From new adaptations of long-established welding, forging and heat treating technology, RUD has developed renowned tyre protection and traction chains that have become today’s essential tools throughout the demanding industries of mining, quarrying, scrap handling, steel making, and demolition.

Supplying 65% of the world's Tyre Protection Chain market

Through continual innovation and research,  RUD has achieved preeminence in the market with a wide range of chains designed for the vast array of challenges that on-site conditions present.

RUD provides the best technical know-how, the highest quality, and the most comprehensive product range.

In Australia we offer the right solution for every application and the best, local support and customer service. 

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What is a Tyre Protection Chain?

A Tyre Protection Chain (TPC) is a closed mesh of high alloy, hardened steel chains.

  • These systems protect the tread and sidewalls of the tyres, and their flexible designs allow them to adjust to every deformation of the tyre.
  • High levels of self-cleaning prevents tread mesh from becoming filled and clogged and provides for the best possible road holding and traction.

Why is a TPC important?

Sharp, jagged rocks and muddy and slippery surfaces are a significant hazard to tyres—even when they are new. Sudden tyre failure results in equipment downtime, loss of productivity, and delays in projects. Currently, there is no sign of an end to the worldwide earthmover tyre shortage, which fuels the escalation of tyre replacement costs. Premature deterioration of tyres is a costly inconvenience which can be minimised through the use of RUD TPC.

Our TPC Solutions

Available with connecting ring diameters from 14mm to 23mm, RUD offers the broadest range of tyre protection chains. Whatever your application, RUD provides the best configuration of links and rings for you and your project. For your assurance, our experts will be on hand from your initial inquiry to delivery and installation to routine checkups and on-call for the life of your chain.

Our Projects

  • TPC Solutions for West Burleigh Quarry

    RUD Australia was engaged by West Burleigh Quarry to provide tyre protection chains for their machinery.

    TPC Solutions for West Burleigh Quarry
  • Nickel Mine Tyre Solutions

    At the Jundee Nickel Mine, extreme tyre wear and premature tyre failure had become an ongoing problem.

    The costs of lost productivity and replacement tyres were significant and unacceptable. Mine operators contacted RUD Australia seeking a long-term solution to the problem.

    Nickel Mine Tyre Solutions

Improve Your Project with the Best in Chain Technology & Lifting Solutions

Find out how our solutions can increase your project efficiency and safety.
Speak to a RUD Australia expert or explore our product catalogue now.

What Our Clients Say About RUD Australia

  • The Jundee Nickel Mine
    Western Australia

    “RUD Toro X19 chains have surpassed all of our expectations”

    RUD’s service and product support have been excellent. We are happy to recommend RUD to anyone who has problems with their tyre life.

  • Graeme Jones
    Operations Manager, Holcim Werribee

    “Safety and expertise a key factor for Holcim”

    At Holcim (Werribee) we rely on RUD Tyre Protection Chains. Their strong expertise and professionalism is on display when they fit and maintain our chains on site. The team works hard to keep us safe, enable our machines to stay in operation and minimise our costs.

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