We’re proud of the quality, customised solutions we provide across many projects and industries. Here is just a glimpse of why companies across Australia place their trust in RUD.

  • The only Australian-Made Heavy Vehicle Hoist trusted by the Defence Force

    The Australian Defence Force has  a range of large and heavy vehicles, like the Bushmaster PMV (Protected Mobility Vehicle), in their fleets. The diversity of the vehicles, as well as the unique operating environment of defence force workshops, required a specialist vehicle lifting system.

  • Alfred Street Pump Lifting Solution

    RUD recently solved a pump removal problem for the largest wastewater pump station for Logan City Council, the Alfred Street SPS69 wastewater pump station, situated in south-east QLD Australia, servicing 200,000 people in the Logan local government area.

  • Wheatstone Project

    While working on the Wheatstone Project, lead project rigging engineer, Dusko Barac, proposed an innovative idea. Dusko realised there was an opportunity to increase the operational envelope of the permanent facility bridge cranes to include maintenance works. The reach of the gantry cranes needed to be extended to allow them to pick up components previously out of reach.

  • Townsville Ring Road Stage 4

    This project was the final stage of construction required to complete the Townsville Ring Road link, a 22 km freight bypass of Townsville.

    Earthworks, drainage, pavement, retaining walls, concrete barriers, signs and finishing works were also part of the project.

  • SIMS Metal Recycling Plant

    SIMS Metal was constructing a new metal recycling plant in Perth. A high-quality conveyor system was quickly identified as being critical to the plant’s success.

    The conveyor system needed to allow a controlled feed to an inclined belt. Metering and controlled flow were also essential features needed in the system.


  • Eraring Power Station

    At Eraring Power Station, a fleet of eight Condensate Extraction Pumps (CEPs) were failing more frequently than expected. With every failure, the CEP was offline for a minimum of eight days while being overhauled. The bearing was first disassembled over three days. Then, the pump was removed in two sections while personnel worked under the suspended load to uncouple the pump.


  • West Burleigh Quarry, Queensland

    Australia’s hard rock quarries are among the world’s toughest environments for rubber-tyred machines. The West Burleigh Quarry has provided road base and quality aggregates to the Gold Coast area for many years. Uninterrupted supply is essential for many projects in the area.


  • The Jundee Nickel Mine, Western Australia

    At the Jundee Nickel Mine, extreme tyre wear and premature tyre failure had become an ongoing problem. Tyre issues were frequent but unpredictable. Replacement tyres were often difficult to source, leaving trucks and machinery out of service for long periods of time.


  • Trusted Supplier to Defence Forces

    Defence forces encounter a range of unique materials handling challenges. While serving in the defence forces has inherent dangers, risk is managed seriously and proactively. Reducing the exposure of troops to unnecessary risk is a priority for defence organisations.


What Our Clients Say About RUD Australia

“The RUD team were able to design, manufacture and supply a cost effective solution”

“We see our long term relationship with RUD more as a partnership than supplier and customer. RUD’s service and product support are excellent and their team of industry specialists is always on hand to answer any of our questions.”

Paul Denison, Bullivants Townsville

“RUD Toro X19 chains have surpassed all of our expectations”

“RUD’s service and product support have been excellent. We are happy to recommend RUD to anyone who has problems with their tyre life.”

The Jundee Nickel Mine, Western Australia

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