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RUD Australia supports Exit 41 M1 Pacific Highway Upgrade

Posted 22/08/2022
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Client: Universal Cranes (with Georgiou Group)
Project: Exit 41 M1 Pacific Highway Upgrade
Scope: Providing lifting loops in the erection of Bridge Girders

RUD Australia supplied the hoops and lifting design for the erection of bridge girders in the Pacific Highway Upgrade Project on Exit 41 which was completed by Universal Cranes (part of the Smithbridge Group) along with Georgiou Group. The 2 x span bridge consisted of 7 girders per span. Each girder was 85t with 14 girders in total.

The Grove GMK7450 160t crane used in the project was located in the median strip between the northbound and southbound pavements of Pacific Highway and hence required closure of the highway for 4 nights to ensure safe installation.

RUD/Philipp Lifting Hoops are simple to use for the safe lifting of various concrete products such as beams, decks and girders.  Wire-rope is bonded to form a lifting loop that encloses a concrete core - enabling high load-bearing capacities.

The benefits of RUD/Philipp Lifting Hoops are:

  • Can be installed without the need for recess formers
  • It can be used safely for high-load capacities
  • No need for heavy and awkward lifting clutches
  • Connection is simple with a shackle and wire protection pulley or directly to the hook in smaller hoop sizes

Article and pictures are copyrighted to RUD Australia and Universal Cranes. The original article of the project can be accessed on the Universal Cranes website here.

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