RUD/Philipp Lifting Hoops are simple to use for safe lifting of various concrete products.

Pre-Cast Concrete Hoops can be used to lift beams, decks and girders.

The benefits of Cast-in Lifting Hoops are:

  • Come with full engineered design
  • Colour-coded for WLL visual check
  • No specialist lifting clutches or equipment needed
  • Suitable for use with standard lifting devices
  • Can be installed without the need of recess formers
  • Can be used safely for high load capacities

The Philipp Group has been supplying a variety of of solutions designed for lifting challenges for over 45 years across building and infrastructure projects around the world.

Made in Germany, RUD is proud to provide the Philipp range of pre-cast concrete lifting hoop solutions direct to the Australian construction industry. 

Our Pre-Cast Concrete Hoops

Cast-in lifting hoops are designed for the transport of pre-cast concrete units.



  • Spherical Head Lifting Clutch

    The spherical head lifting clutch is part of the PHILIPP transport anchor system.
  • Cast-In Lifting Hoops

    If heavy or massive concrete products (hall girders and beams, columns, bridge girders etc.) have to be lifted for transportation, RUD/Philipp Cast-in Lifting Hoops...
  • Wire Protection Pulleys

    The Wire protection pulley is an accessory for the Cast-In lifting hoop and is used to protect the wire to ensure the capacity of...