Cast-in lifting Hoops ensure the safe and efficient lifting of precast and prestressed concrete units.

The advantage of Cast-in Lifting hoops are:

  • Full engineered design
  • Colour-coded for WLL visual check
  • No specialist lifting clutches or equipment needed
  • Suitable for use with standard lifting devices

The Philipp Group  have been trusted for over 45 years, providing a range of solutions specifically to solve lifting challenges faced across many building and infrastructure projects across the world.

Made in Germany, RUD is proud to provide a range of pre-cast concrete hoop solutions direct to the Australian construction industry. 



Philipp CILH 2010 002

Our Pre-cast Concrete Hoops Solutions

  • Cast-in Lifting Hoops

    If very heavy or massive concrete elements (hall girders and beams, columns, bridge elements etc.) have to be lifted, transported and mounted, the use...
  • Wire Protection Pulleys

    The Wire protection pulley is an accessory for the PHILIPP Cast in Lifting Hoop and is used to protect the wire respectively to ensure...