Trusted Supplier to Defence Forces

Defence forces encounter a range of unique materials handling challenges.

These challenges are often exacerbated by:

  • Extreme environments and weather conditions
  • The weight of defence vehicles, machinery and equipment
  • The need to work and solve problems under stressful or sub-optimal conditions.

While serving in the defence forces has inherent dangers, risk is managed seriously and proactively. Reducing the exposure of troops to unnecessary risk is a priority for defence organisations.

RUD Australia has been contracted on numerous occasions to solve materials handling problems and reduce operational risk to people serving in the armed forces.

We’re trusted to design and manufacture solutions to unique and confidential challenges, on land, air and sea.

We provide:

  • Safe heavy-vehicle maintenance, with Endurequip heavy-vehicle hoists
  • Secure and lightweight systems to restrain loads and equipment for transport
  • Specialised lifting solutions to move and transport large and heavy objects
  • Tyre protection and traction chains to provide maximum traction on snow, ice and off-road

RUD Australia’s reputation for quality is highly valued by the defence industry. The exacting standards of the defence industry are achieved and exceeded by our team of engineers and expert tradespeople.

Strong, lightweight chain technology ensure that our solutions are long-lasting and reliable, while remaining easy to use and handle.

Our systems are manufactured using the most advanced technology available, ensuring safe operations in all conditions without compromising performance, stability or security.

Speak to a RUD Australia expert to find out how our quality solutions can serve you.

What Our Clients Say About RUD Australia

“The RUD team were able to design, manufacture and supply a cost effective solution”

“We see our long term relationship with RUD more as a partnership than supplier and customer. RUD’s service and product support are excellent and their team of industry specialists is always on hand to answer any of our questions.”

Paul Denison, Bullivants Townsville

“RUD Toro X19 chains have surpassed all of our expectations”

“RUD’s service and product support have been excellent. We are happy to recommend RUD to anyone who has problems with their tyre life.”

The Jundee Nickel Mine, Western Australia

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