Portable Heavy Vehicle Hoists

Endurequip’s signature heavy vehicle hoist, PORTALIFT is the go-to solution for all of your heavy vehicle maintenance requirements. Our products are durable, quality-made, and above all, safe.

Whether you are working with rail, truck, bus, military or special vehicles, our flexible systems are your answer. Portalift hoists use a unique continuous RUD chain drive system which allows them to safely work with weights up to 60 tonnes. By combining posts, Portalift systems can lift a total capacity of 120 tonnes!

All of our products are entirely Australian made. They come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty and ongoing local service and support. So let Endurequip do the heavy lifting for you.

For more information on our portable heavy vehicle hoists get in touch with our friendly product specialists for a personalised approach to your needs. Call us on 07 3809 1399 or click below.