Quarrying Chains

Mucky, slippery, and sharp surfaces are a great hazard for tyres. To reduce the threat of any damage, a tyre protection chain is ideal for creating a barrier between tyres and ground surface.

Quartz silica, dolomite, basalt, and granite are just a few of the causes of excessive tyre wear. Flint, slate, and shale-like rock or demolition of debris can cause punctures and sidewall cuts.The density of the mesh required will depend on the exact nature of the work site. In every case, the mesh will be self-cleaning, and the links specially hardened to resist wear at the points in which they interact with the connecting rings.

One moment your loader could be crowding into the rock fall and the next it is slumped and immobile. You are now looking for a temporary fix or replacement and left with a costly standby for your operation that a tyre protection chain would have prevented.

Our Quarrying Chain Range