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RUD lifts the largest and heaviest lattice cage in Berlin

Posted 29/08/2022
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Is a 25-meter-long wire mesh cage challenging to lift and erect?

To RUD Germany, it was not really. The lattice cage which is part of the infrastructure for a bridge pier in Berlin's City Centre was 25 metres long and weighed around 56 tonnes. Lifting and erecting the heavy and gigantic structure required detailed discussions with the project managers and the companies involved to finalise the best solution to ensure safe lifting.

On March 29, the gigantic lattice cage was ready for the job. Two 22mm RUD VIP chain blocks (VCB) were used to lower it to the ground. The exciting thing about this special suspension system is that the sling chains move over the deflection rollers of the RUD VIP chain block, thus allowing optimum load distribution.

The two VIP chain slings each had a chain length of 10 meters with a total weight of 178 kilograms which demonstrated the scale of the job, "gigantic loads require gigantic (slinging) solutions"

"Often a length of 25 meters and the resulting challenges are not much to imagine. For comparison, the installed T-basket is roughly the length of a tennis court. Lifting this unstable structure safely is no easy task," said Patrick Vollmer, Technical Sales at RUD. "Our VIP lifting gear and especially our VIP chain block were able to provide a safe solution here."

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Article and pictures are copyrighted to RUD Germany. The original article of the project can be accessed on the RUD Germany website here.

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