The only Australian-Made Heavy Vehicle Hoist trusted by the Defence Force

The Australian Defence Force has  a range of large and heavy vehicles, like the Bushmaster PMV (Protected Mobility Vehicle), in their fleets.

The diversity of the vehicles, as well as the unique operating environment of defence force workshops, required a specialist vehicle lifting system.

Endurequip Hoists (a wholly owned subsidiary of RUD Australia) was trusted to provide a solution to manage servicing and maintenance requirements.

A hoist was needed that was:

  • Mobile, allowing use both inside and outside the workshop, with no installation required
  • Operable by one person, allowing complete underbody access
  • Incredibly safe, with mobile controls allowing operation away from the lifting zone
  • Low maintenance.

To match these important criteria, RUD Australia was able to supply the Endurequip Portalift, a solution robust enough for field deployment.

The Portalift can be tailored to suit the precise needs of different defence vehicles. It is water resistant, dustproof and driven by a unique chain drive that eliminates the need for complicated electrical circuitry. Wear and tear is minimal, reducing lifetime maintenance costs.

The Portalift has been extensively used throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1990. It’s now the only vehicle hoist used by the Australian Defence Force and has been used in deployments in East Timor and Iraq.  


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