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Meet Leigh - The RUD November Charity Champion

Posted 17/11/2022
Employee Stories

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself - Henry Ford

This is the first article in our #RUDstory series. We will be sharing our employee stories on the values they hold dear, and highlighting their experience of teamwork, challenges and motivation while working at RUD.

#meetLeigh - The RUD November Charity Champion promoting men’s health issues on prostate and testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

Leigh Dalton based at our Perth office has been an advocate for Movember and prioritising this charity in the RUD workplace since 2014. The People & Culture team sat down with Leigh to understand why he is passionate about Movember, how RUD is helping to create a culture of care and wellbeing and why mental health should be a priority in our daily lives and in the workplace.

Can you tell us about yourself and why is Movember so important to you?

The RUD Chains Tuesday Afternoon Moustache Club started in 2014 and is open for anyone to join.

The Movember mission of promoting conversations, action and raising funds around men’s physical and mental health is close to my heart. On a personal level, with a history of mental ill health, I believe I should take better care of myself. I also have two young sons who I do not wish to be subjected to mental health struggles. Finally, the bonus of growing a moustache is really a fun part of the month

What inspired you to be an advocate for this Charity?

While growing up, mental health was not something many people spoke about. Also, there were no available resources or support services like there are today. There have been some dark times in my life, and a few that I am grateful and feel blessed to have been able to walk away from. Because I almost didn’t!

Drawing from your own experience, can you give us some tips for managing mental health?

I have been lucky that through my life I had people who I could talk to, such as a few close friends and family members, my wife, an excellent GP and a great clinical psychologist. I have found talking to be the best medicine. People are, in my experience, only too happy to listen and help, as best as they can.

I always try to really encourage people to speak up if they are not doing well. There are many available services, including your GP who can help you access a Medicare rebate for sessions with a psychologist. Movember has a fantastic support page on their web page too

Why do you think employee wellbeing is a priority at RUD?  

As a company, RUD values culture and inclusion very highly through programs such as the Employee Assistance Program which is available to staff and their families and a fantastic Wellness Program.

RUD has been fantastic with their support of The RUD Chains Tuesday Afternoon Moustache Club. Every year more people sign up to be on the team and since 2014 we have raised $21,160 for Movember. This includes the dollar for dollar match that RUD generously does each year. I am confident that we will have another big year in 2022 too.

Why do you think others should join your quest for mental health?

As well as the money we raise, through Movember, I hope we can start conversations. Important conversations with our colleagues, our friends, and our families. I like to encourage everyone to stop being afraid or embarrassed and to speak up. I am glad I did, and I am sure in the long run, you will be too!

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