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RUD Apron Feeder for Automotive Recycling Operation

Posted 25/01/2024
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RUD’s apron conveyors are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as high-temperature materials, waste, aggregate, dry ash handling, mineral processing, and kiln applications.

RUD apron feeders increase the efficiency of bulk material handling in high-temperature and high-abrasive applications. They are extremely versatile and can convey bulk materials without causing spillage or degradation.

The advantages of a RUD Apron Feeder Conveyor are:

  • Simple, robust construction with high strength, Quenched & Tempered plates.
  • Permanently closed apron surface throughout the entire life cycle.
  • Lower overall heights due to small chain Drive & Tail end wheel diameters.
  • Highly efficient because all drive components are accurately calibrated.
  • Sealed conveyor systems.


RUD Australia was tasked to design, build and install an apron feeder conveyor for an automotive recycling operation. The scope of the project was to offer a complete solution to solve issues around moving shredded auto parts.


The outdated handling process had individual aprons with rollers installed that required constant maintenance. The goal was to increase production and reliability while minimising maintenance and unplanned shutdowns.

Available data at the engagement stage:

  • Collection of 24 cubic metres of recycled nonferrous material in a hopper.
  • Providing a dump station for a WA500 wheel loader with a 3-bucket storage system.
  • Transport the material over an inclined 70-degree slope as a tumble-back system.
  • Provide a controlled feed rate into a post-process trommel and sorting equipment as the primary input conveyor system.

The RUD Solution:

RUD designed, manufactured and commissioned a workable solution as part of the improvement project. The RUD-engineered round steel chains proved to be a successful improvement over the plate and bushing pin-type chains.

The Result:

  • 90 metres of 30 x 120 R100 Premium RUD Chain, PCD 614mm hubs and teeth on the drive and reversing tensioner wheel.
  • 89 opposing type MEE-T attachments.
  • RUD Australia designed and manufactured all rollers, frames and wear rails.
  • RUD supplied a complete spare parts package with the commissioned system.


  • The fully commissioned technical and commercial reports were signed off as part of acceptance.
  • This complete Apron Feeder system was manufactured in Brisbane.
  • RUD Australia provided all Operating & Maintenance guidelines.

Technical Details:

Specifications Dimensions
Horizontal Conveying Length 8.2 Metres.
Hopper Capacity 24 m3.
Inclined Conveying Length 7 Metres.
Horizontal Conveying Length - Top 0.65 Metres.
Linear Speed 0.1 m/s typical speed 0.2 m/s maximum.
Conveyed Material 50mm average height of material, 900Kg/m³ average density, process 50T p/hr.
Chain Capacity 566kN (break load).
Apron Pans 89 pieces at 480 centres, each weighing 120kg. Minimum 1550mm wide.

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