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RUD Movember

Posted 01/11/2023
Employee Stories

If there's one thing The Order of Mo is known for, it's this. Growing a Mo is our symbol for better men’s health. It also grabs attention and starts important conversations. 

November is Movember for Leigh Dalton, who champions the month in our #RUDstory series. The RUD Stories are about our employees, the values they hold dear and the highlights of teamwork, challenges and motivation while working at RUD.

#meetLeigh - The RUD November Charity Champion promoting men’s health issues on prostate and testicular cancer and men’s suicide.

Leigh Dalton, based at our Perth office, has been an advocate for Movember and has been prioritising this charity in the RUD workplace since 2014. The People & Culture team sat down with Leigh once again to understand why he is passionate about Movember, how RUD is helping to create a culture of care and well-being and why mental health should be a priority in our daily lives and in the workplace.

The RUD Chains Tuesday Afternoon Moustache Club started in 2014 and is open for anyone to join.

How many years have you been involved with the Movember charity?

I did Movember with some of the lads I played basketball with a couple of times before starting with RUD. But since I’ve been here, I’ve captained the team every year and this is our 10th consecutive Movember campaign.

What inspired you to continue advocating for this charity?

The conversation around men's health is very important. I have two young sons who I hope get to grow up in a society where men speaking openly about their physical and mental health is met with positive conversation and compassion rather than the old school “just harden up” response of past generations.

Do you think employee well-being is critical at RUD?

Employee well-being should be human well-being, regardless of your occupation and workplace, whether you work full-time, part-time or are not in employment. Everyone’s well-being is important. That being said, RUD does a great job of putting the staff's well-being at the forefront, with plenty of opportunities for people to be involved in various and numerous activities throughout the year and advocating for open and honest conversation amongst everyone here.

What other programs do you get involved with?

I’m a supporter of The Cancer Council as I have a personal and family history of cancer in various forms, and I’m also a big supporter of The Salvation Army. Both organisations do great work in the community in supporting those in need in what is often the darkest times of their lives.

Why do you think others should join your team to raise awareness for mental health? 

I understand not everyone wants to commit to growing a Mo or the move challenge, and that’s okay. I just hope people hear the message about open and honest conversation and looking after ourselves, speaking up when things aren’t great and going to the GP when something isn’t right. Over the years, I’ve had conversations with colleagues who were thankful they were encouraged to have those types of discussions and that it made a good positive difference in the lives of them and their loved ones. Click here to join or donate to the RUD Chains Moustache Club.

So give it a go - it shows the world you stand for healthier men and a healthier world.

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