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RUD Supports DMTC Industry Capability Development Programs

Posted 18/06/2021
RUD Group, Defence Solutions, Engineered Products

Coinciding with LAND FORCES International Land Defence Exposition RUD was excited to work with DMTC Ltd to showcase our manufacturing and technology capabilities as part of DMTC's  Industry Capability Development (ICD) Program.

DMTC works collaboratively with many innovative Australian industry, research and government partners. Their core focus is on delivering enhanced defence and national security capabilities and strengthening Australian industrial capacity.

RUD was involved with DMTC by gaining exposure to DMTC's innovative technologies, best practice techniques and processes and insights into quality, safety and certification standards- as expected by Defence.

Involvement in these industry programs is vital to help open doors & opportunities in the Defence sector and gaining valuable feedback on what SMEs like RUD need to do to improve and showcase skills and experience and local capability.

Involved in the program were Courtney Nuttall, RUD's Continuous Improvement Manager and Sanjaya Piyasena, RUD's Welding Engineer.


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