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Lifting a Concrete Silo

Posted 09/04/2024
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Germany, with 34 million tons of cement production, is Europe's leading cement producer*. When TBA, a renowned concrete supplier needed assistance to lift the roof of a concrete silo used for an infrastructure project, they turned to RUD.

The Challenge:

The project required lifting and placing a roof on top of a silo located near Unterkochen.

The project presented several challenges for the lifting operation:

  • Logistics: The circular silo roof was 10 meters in diameter, 3 meters in height and weighed 16 tonnes. Lifting such an object requires careful planning.
  • Inclement Weather: The project location was known for inclement weather conditions from strong crosswinds and average temperatures of 2°C.
  • Limited Lifting Space: The lift was done using a crane with double hooks. This required precise planning of the lifting equipment to maintain safe load capacity within the permissible range while ensuring sufficient chain length.

The Solution:

Due to the heavy lift and the lifting configuration, RUD engineers proposed that a 13mm, 2 x 2-strand ICE 120 chain was ideal for the operation. To maintain the chain's working load limit (WLL) within safe parameters, it was calculated that a minimum length of 6.402 meters was required for low sling angles.

However, there were only 2 x 7-metre 2-strand chains and 2 x 4-metre chains in stock. Instead of postponing the project to another date, we decided to use IH (ICE-H) Connectors to extend the 4-metre chains.

The I-H Connectors are a fast, simple, and cost-effective solution for converting ICE chains into endless configurations. They are compact, easier to manage than conventional chain connectors, and flexible enough to fit the ICE chain.

Once the chains were extended to the necessary length, ICE Star Hooks were attached to the chain ends. Due to their innovative skeletal design, ICE Star Hooks can be used in temperatures from -60°C to 300°C and are up to 25% lighter than Grade 80 hooks of the same WLL.

This solution enabled a safe and secure lift of the silo roof. The roof was lifted to its final height of 35 meters above ground for the final assembly.

Products used in the project:

  • ICE 120 2-strand 13mm chains
  • ICE H-Connectors
  • ICE ISAK Masterlinks
  • ICE IMVK Shortening Claws
  • ICE Star Hooks


This project demonstrates how RUD's innovative lifting solutions, such as the flexible ICE Chains, can solve complex lifting challenges. RUD is the innovator and sets standards for lifting technologies through expertise and flexible solutions to ensure safe and successful operation even in challenging conditions.

* The European Cement Association. Key Facts & Figures: Main World Producers in 2018; The European Cement Association: Brussels, Belgium, 2020

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