ROTOGRIP® Classic Version Snow Chains

Tried and tested and perfectly suited for light to heavy commercial vehicles

Can simply be switched on while in motion!

  • Chain bundles with pre-tensioned springs lay the chain strands under the tyre like a carpet.
  • The flexible, pre-tensioned springs make running on chains smoother – which is easy on both systems and tyres
  • Chains are effective at slower than walking pace
  • The profile of the friction ring is specially designed to reduce freezing up
  • Wearing parts are easily replaced
  • Chain wheels with square-section chain links

Fields of application:

  • Road haulage
  • Supply and distribution vehicles
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Fire services
  • Vehicles carrying hazardous goods
  • Rescue vehicles
  • Buses
  • Public transport vehicles
  • ECS 18868 42
  • ECS 18872 42

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