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RUD TECDOS - A robust and versatile solution for drive systems - Part 2

Posted 13/12/2022
Conveyor Systems

Continued from Part 1 on TECDOS. Click here to read Part 1.


Highly wear resistant for maximum safety

The core component of each TECDOS drive system is a highly wear-resistant, calibrated round link chain which can be used in adverse conditions or with abrasive materials. TECDOS chains have high grade strength to ensure maximum operating safety.

There are 2 types of chains which can be used for a wide range of requirements and applications:

  • Medium (quenched and tempered) chain
  • Premium (case hardened) chain


For a reliable connection

TECDOS chain connectors help to connect chains and create a safe connection system. Connecting is easy because the overall dimensions are the same as the chain links. They can be used in both single and multi-strand conveyors, operating in medium to heavy duty conditions.

The advantages of CHAIN CONNECTOR:

  • Easy installation with a hammer
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Runs over sprocket wheels, grooved wheels, and flat guide wheels
  • Connect chains to form a loop


To complement TECDOS chains

TECDOS pocket wheels are designed to work with TECDOS chain and are available for single and multi-strand configurations from TEC 6 to TEC 260 sizes and for loads from 6 up to 260 kN.

The advantages of POCKET WHEEL:

  • Made of low-alloy, machined and surface-hardened steel
  • Aligned to match TECDDOS round steel chains
  • Rust and acid resistant wheels are available on custom orders


The lift limiter prevents the chain from “passing through” by limiting the unloaded sides of the chain, working as a route limiter.


The TECDOS sling and lashing systems are available in various products such as:

  • Dynamic Shackles
  • Chain End Fixers
  • PowerPoint Fixing Points
  • Cobra Fork Head Hooks

TECDOS systems are ideal for applications where materials or equipment need to be swivelled, lifted, moved, or rotated safely and reliably. RUD quality is a result of years in research and development, creating bespoke drive solutions that are used by leading companies in maritime, engineering, automotive, wind power and by military forces around the world.

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