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RUD TECDOS - A robust and versatile solution for drive systems - Part 1

Posted 07/12/2022
Conveyor Systems

Part 1 of a 2 part post.

RUD has been a manufacturer of lifting chains for more than 140 years which are used in chain hoists across the world. In the course of its innovative journey, RUD developed a drive system by combining high quality and accurately calibrated steel chains to fit into complementing sprockets called TECDOS.

TECDOS modules are suitable for high loads and can be installed anywhere. They are an ideal replacement for pinion gear and wire rope drives. The biggest advantage of the RUD TECDOS systems is their reliability to work under the most difficult conditions. TECDOS is used across offshore and onshore projects, ports, jetties, mining, hydraulic steel engineering, entertainment, steel construction and shipbuilding. It is also used to move roofs insports stadiums, swimming pools, spa pools or event venues.

Watch the sliding roof video below:

Some of the components in the RUD TECDOS drive system are:


For linear or rotating movements

The TECDOS OMEGA drive with a loop angle of 180 degrees is suitable for both continuous linear and rotational movements. OMEGA drive is used in onshore and offshore projects to move cranes, align, and adjust loaders and to open and close cargo space covers on ships. When rotating, the OMEGA drive can also be used to lift and lower platforms, drive ferries, and extend telescopic booms and skidding systems.

The advantages of OMEGA DRIVE:

  • Operational even when other drives/chains stop
  • Resistant to ice, dirt, rain, and adverse conditions
  • Standard compliance which can be used across all maritime applications
  • Can be used with either mobile or fixed drive
  • Can be driven with electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic motors


For horizontal and vertical systems

PI-GAMMA drive system with a fixed 180-degree angle (PI) or a flexible angle of 90-180 degrees (GAMMA) is suited for horizontal and vertical applications. The PI-GAMMA pocket wheel block can pull the load along the round steel chain or move it to a different location.

Some of the uses of PI-GAMMA DRIVE are:

  • Driving locks on blast furnaces, large industrial gates, and roofs
  • Driving structural elements used in the entertainment industry/stage equipment in concert halls and musical theatres
  • In storm gates and doors
  • Driving gangways in port facilities

The advantages of PI-GAMMA DRIVE:

  • Ideal 2-in-1-solution which is light and can be used in narrow spaces
  • Can be used between a 90° and 180° redirection or a total 180° redirection
  • Multiple lifting points
  • Durable, reliable, and safe
  • Easy installation without the need for a stable mounting base
  • Available in small sizes for heavy loads
  • Quiet operation for processes that require noise suppression such as the entertainment industry

Continued into Part 2 for more TECDOS products …

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