Omega Drive

Drive technology that is unaffected by load movement or component movement

Depending on the job, the OMEGA DRIVE is attached to the load to be moved, which it then pulls along the round steel chain or moves from a different location. Unlike chain drives, this system is completely unaffected by movements in the surface underneath it or the load itself due to thermal expansion and contraction or any kind of twist because the round steel chain compensates for these types of discrepancies.

Rugged drive technology

The OMEGA DRIVE is resistant to dirt, sand, ice, etc., over rack and sprocket solutions. Electro-mechanical drives are easier to mount and can tolerate variations in alignment.

  • OMEGA DRIVE operates even when other drives or chains reach their limits
  • Mobile or fixed drive, depending on your requirement
  • Chain speed is 1 - 6 m/minute with full load and up to 12 m/minute with part load
  • Can be driven by electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic motors or electric motor if required

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