Omega Drive

OMEGA DRIVE is the ideal drive solution for linear or rotating movements. In order to process a running crane trolley on a carrier, ship crane, rail, or for skid application.

The OMEGA DRIVE is superior to comparable rack and pinion and sprocket wheel solutions. It is less sensitive to dirt, sand, ice, etc., is easier to mount and tolerates deviations of alignment. The modular concept allows the drive-through electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors, at order point electric motor can be supplied.

  • Flexible adjustments
  • Vertical and conclusive design enables easy mounting
  • Optimised and slim low-vibration design
  • More options for mounting the TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE without necessarily using an adapter
  • Special chain guide adapted to the overall design runs through the TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE
  • Perfect service: Parts of the TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE can be separated easily and enable a simplifi ed maintenance
  • Enables a 50% longer service life

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