TECDOS Tool Mover

Do you want to rotate, turn and tilt heavy objects safely?

The TECDOS Tool Mover is designed to rotate, turn and tilt heavy objects. It turns the load at the center of gravity, which means that the load is turned very smoothly and securely. It is equipped with a frequency-controlled drive that ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish, and it can be securely stopped in any position.

  • Single user remote control operation
  • Remote control Low-noise and smooth run
  • Robust construction with low maintenance
  • Various sizes to suit your requirements (from 10 tonnes to 64 tonnes)
  • Mobile and can be moved anywhere (by crane or fork lifter)
  • Tools can be cleaned on the table due to low platform height
  • Comes with different plates or accessories to suit your requirements
  • Optional tabletop and protection guard

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