Open and close moulds and tools quickly and safely

The TECDOS TSB is the LATEST innovation which enables uncomplicated opening and closing of moulds and tools.

✓ Manual opening and closing of moulds and tools up to 2.5 tons
✓ Easy, safe & ergonomic operation
✓ Manual operation without the need for electrical or hydraulic power

Difficult turning manoeuvres are a thing of the past. Rotation around the vertical axis makes machining and maintenance easy.

✓ 360° rotation of tool halves

✓ Save time with direct opening and closing without the need for disassembling hoses or connections

✓ Maintenance, assembly, and disassembly can be performed easily and safely on the TSB

✓ Turning and rotating without electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic energy

✓ Perfect integration in existing processes

✓ Optimisation tool handling processes by shortening operators working time

✓ Max. load capacity of up to 2.5t

The Tecdos TSB is ideal for the following work environments:  Injection Moulding, Tool Manufacturing, Aluminium Die Casting, Packaging materials, Engineer manufacturing