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The Benefits of RUD Bucket Elevators - Part 2

Posted 14/02/2023
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Continued from Part 1 on THE BENEFITS OF RUD BLUCKET ELEVATORS. Click here to read Part 1.

Why should you use RUD bucket elevators?

Increased Efficiency

RUD bucket elevators are designed to increase efficiency in mining, power plants and fertiliser plants. By using RUD Chains, the bucket elevators can convey more materials over a short distance than traditional conveyors. They also allow for quicker loading and unloading of materials compared to other elevators. This helps to save time and money, as well as reduce downtime. The high capacity and efficient performance of these elevators makes them the perfect choice for any industrial application that requires reliable and efficient material movement.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

RUD bucket elevators are designed to reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency. They offer a range of advantages over traditional conveyor systems, including decreased downtime. RUD chains provide superior strength and durability, ensuring that buckets remain secure and upright throughout the elevator's lifecycle. This reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements, leading to significant savings in maintenance costs. Additionally, RUD chains are made from low-maintenance components, with no need for regular lubrication or adjustment. This further reduces the overall cost of ownership in mining, power plant and fertiliser plant operations.

Increased Capacity

RUD bucket elevators offer an efficient and reliable way to transport materials over long distances or at high capacities. By using RUD chains, the elevators can lift up to 90kg per chain link, providing a strong and reliable system with high throughput. This makes them the perfect choice for transporting materials in power plants, fertiliser plants, and other industrial applications. With the ability to easily handle large volumes of material, RUD bucket elevators can significantly increase production output, reduce downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

Improved Safety

RUD bucket elevators are designed with safety in mind. RUD Chains have a built-in protection system that prevents unauthorised access to the drive system, providing an additional layer of safety when handling heavy loads. The chain is designed with a breakage detection system that automatically stops the elevator and alerts personnel if there is an unexpected increase in the chain tension or an unexpected decrease in chain speed. This ensures that the chain and any material being moved are always under control. The guard rail system also helps safe operation by personnel, preventing accidental contact with the running chains and come equipped with emergency stop buttons.


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