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The Benefits of RUD Bucket Elevators - Part 1

Posted 07/02/2023
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Part 1 of a 2 part post.

Large industries in bulk material handling require safe and efficient methods of conveying materials with minimal risk of spillage. Selecting the right conveyor for the process depends on factors such as type of the bulk material, location of the feeding and discharge point and other special requirements such as mixing, hygiene, toxicity in the process, etc.

Bucket Elevators are an ideal method of conveying bulk materials which require vertical elevation. Bucket elevators can handle a wide variety of bulk materials and can be manufactured with steel which offers resistance against abrasion. They also can be completely enclosed, minimising pollution from toxic materials and dust.

RUD is a pioneer in the conveying industry and RUD bucket elevators are sought after world-wide. Some of the advantages of the RUD bucket conveyor systems are:

    • More Efficient - Process more at any height with ultra-hardened chain elevator systems
    • Easily Adaptable - Perfect for lump or granular material
    • Built to Keep Turning - German engineered with long lasting hardened steel chains and components
    • Simple Maintenance - Quick replacement of teeth and wheel segments, with easy access casings

RUD chain bucket elevators can handle high temperature, abrasive, sticky or sharp bulk materials, compared to belt elevators.

The various types of RUD bucket elevators are:

Round link chain bucket elevators

These are predominantly used for conveying of powdery, granular, lumpy, and temperature-loaded bulk goods. The highly wear-resistant RUD chains and sprockets ensure reliability with abrasive materials. Depending on the application, chain bucket elevators are available in special designs with a constricted chain of buckets or with a central discharge.

Central chain bucket elevators

These are ideally suited for large capacity conveying of coarse dry bulk goods and offer maximum conveying reliability, even when handling charge fluctuations, high-temperature materials, and materials with large single edge lengths.

Belt type bucket elevators

These bucket elevators use textile or steel reinforced belts to transport materials in a continuous dust-free vertical process. Suitable adaptations can be done to handle coarse-grained or higher temperature materials.

Maximum Capacity, Tough Applications, Proven Design

RUD bucket elevators are designed to handle the toughest of materials, making them the ideal solution for a wide range application across many industries.



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