3 reasons that quality Tyre Protection and Traction Chains helps improve business productivity

Earthmovers working in harsh conditions in mines, quarries and other heavy industries constantly face damages to tyres, due to punctures and sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Investing in top quality Tyre Protection Chains can preserve and maintain your valuable assets playing a key role in driving the success of your business.

Here are 3 reasons why you should place your trust in a set of high-quality tyre protection chains:


1. Maximise Safety

In wet and slippery environments, operating heavy vehicles can be dangerous. Creating a safe work environment is a legal requirement and critical to your long-term success. At the end of the day, your team is your most valuable asset and safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds when conducting business.

Protecting your team members is the highest on RUD’s list of priorities. That’s why our Tyre Protection Chains are designed to a high quality, with case hardened alloy chains linked in patented designs to provide high level traction qualities to ensure safe operations.

2. Reduce Operating Costs

Tyre Protection Chains protect the tyre treads and sidewalls on wheeled machinery from damage and sudden-death failure. As they protect the tread and sidewall against cuts, punctures and excessively high wear rates, all of which can be extremely expensive, this greatly reduces operating costs, which can be injected into other areas of the business to improve operations.

RUD’s tyre protection chains:

  • Use case hardened alloy chains linked in patented designs to provide a high level of tyre protection.
  • Are designed to be used across fire and hot slag conditions, which can be very dangerous and lead to loss of equipment through burnt tyres.
  • Help extend a tyres life by a factor of ten.
3. Increase Flexibility and Overall Productivity

With fewer repairs comes less down time, therefore boosting productivity and helping to increase success for the business.High quality tyre chains allow machinery to be used on a variety of terrains productively.

Working with RUD guarantees machine availability, increased efficiency and productivity together.

RUD traction chains offer:

  • Optimum traction and assists in the operation of mining trucks, wheel loaders and dozers operating in wet and slippery environments, thus improving production levels.
  • Sharp edges on the outer surface of the chain and multiple link designs which help increase traction to suit a wide range of aggressive and low traction surfaces.
  • Designs and benefits that vary to each project and specific requirements.

RUD have been producing and protecting tyres with their innovative Tyre Protection Chains for over 70 years, working alongside many heavy operators across industries such as quarrying, mining and recycling. Today, RUD Tyre Protection and Traction Chains can be found in hundreds of sites across Australia.

To find out more about our quality tyre protection chains and how we can help make your worksite safer and more efficient, contact a RUD TPC specialist today.

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Paul Denison, Bullivants Townsville

“RUD Toro X19 chains have surpassed all of our expectations”

“RUD’s service and product support have been excellent. We are happy to recommend RUD to anyone who has problems with their tyre life.”

The Jundee Nickel Mine, Western Australia

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