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ICE Grade 120

ICE stands for Innovative Chain Evolution.
RUD ICE chain slings are Grade 120 and represent an advanced development in the lifting means segment.
Quality RUD ICE components stand out due to their colour- ICE-pink (traffic purple).

ICE-Round steel chains are manufactured and tempered with a patented material. They have a high hardness and are insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement like Grade 10.

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How do you select the right chain sling?

Before a decision is made regarding a chain lifting configuration, ask yourself:

  • What is the maximum weight of the loads to be lifted?
  • What height do I have available and what is the maximum lifting means length?
  • What working environments is the sling to be used in (temperature, rough environment, handling space).

The GR120 V GR80 Comparison

Grade 120 offers a considerable 30% reduction in weight than Grade 80 hooks, using less material due to its light construction & easier handling.

It possesses a 60% higher breaking force than grade 80 chains, is extremely robust, tough and resilient to sharp and rough edges due to the chains increased strength.

What this means is that an ICE lifting or lashing chain- no matter the nominal thickness – can replace a Grade 80 chain of the next-higher nominal thickness.

The reduction in weight of more than 30% is a major safety advantage.

ICE >30% lighter for the same WLL

ICE GR 120 and GR 80

ICE- Continued Innovation to ensure safety

Assembled and proof load tested in Brisbane

RUD prides itself on our ongoing commitment in ensuring our engineered solutions, manufacturing processes and proof loading facilities comply with recognised standards.

All RUD ICE sling assemblies can be proof loaded at our facilities in Brisbane- meaning you have peace of mind knowing that the sling is safe and able to perform the job it’s designed for- lifting safely.

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ICE Chain Sling Components

  • ICE 4mm Range

    Exclusive range of 4mm ICE sling components
  • ICE Chain

    ICE-Round steel chain are manufactured and tempered with a patented material. They have a high hardness and are insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement like Grade...
  • Master Links

    ICE Master link are marked by the RUD-ID-TAG® (RFID chip) and with the clear identification number distinguished. Manufactured according to DIN EN 1677-4. When...
  • ICE Balancers

    ICE-Balancers are installed into 4-leg sling assemblies (2x 2-leg), to achieve an equal load distribution to all 4 legs. The length tolerances of the single...
  • Shortening Hooks

    RUD Shortening hooks are produced in compliance with DIN 5692 for the shortening of chain components, without a reduction in ICE-WLL.
  • Connecting Links

    The all-purpose ICE-Connecting link allows for the attachment of Lifting points, shackles and plate clamps into the halves of each connecting link.
  • Joiners

    Chains connecting systems that are more comp[act and easier to handle than conventional chain locks.
  • ICE Tensioners

     ICE-CURT Tensioners- an all in one chain tensioning and shortening system.
  • ICE Hooks

    RUD ICE Hooks have superior edge construction, wear marks and ergonomic designs- up to 30% lighter than Grade 80 hooks of the same WLL.
  • ICE Accessories

    ICE spare parts and components including connecting bolts, identification tags and safety sets.