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ICE Grade 120

ICE Grade 120

ICE stands for Innovative Chain Evolution.

RUD ICE Chain Slings are Grade 120 and are an advanced development in the lifting means segment. Quality RUD ICE components stand out due to their colour - ICE-Pink (Traffic Purple).

ICE Round Steel Chains are manufactured and tempered with a patented material. They have a high hardness and are insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement like Grade 100.

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ICE - Innovation for Maximum Safety

Designed and made in Germany
Assembled and proof load tested in Brisbane
Greater wear resistance and lighter chain for the same WLL
Chain dimensions range from 4mm (800kg) – 16mm (12.5t)

How do you select the right chain sling?

Before you decide on a chain lifting configuration, ask yourself:

  • What is the maximum weight of the loads to be lifted?
  • What available height do I have and what is the maximum lifting length?
  • What working environment is the sling to be used in (temperature, rough environment, handling space, etc)?
Let RUD help you choose

The GR120 V GR80 Comparison

Grade 120 Hooks offers a considerable 30% reduction in weight than Grade 80 hooks, using less material due to its light construction and easier handling.

Grade 120 Chains possess a 60% higher breaking force than Grade 80 chains, is extremely robust, tough and resilient to sharp and rough edges due to the increased strength of the chains.

What this means is that an ICE Lifting or Lashing Chain - no matter the nominal thickness - can replace a Grade 80 chain of the next-higher nominal thickness.

The reduction in weight of more than 30% is a major safety advantage.

ICE > 30% lighter for the same WLL

ICE GR 120 and GR 80

Assembled and proof load tested in Brisbane

RUD takes pride in ensuring that our engineered solutions, manufacturing processes and proof loading facilities comply with recognised standards.

All RUD ICE sling assemblies are proof loaded at our facilities in Brisbane - meaning you have peace of mind knowing that the sling is safe and able to perform the job it’s designed for - lifting safely.

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Industry Solutions

We work with many different industry sectors providing easy solutions to safety, risk and material handling challenges. Here are just a few:
Robust solutions to suit special applications and vehicles, for safe and effective performance even in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.
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Strong, yet lightweight lifting points, chain slings and lashing solutions to safely and effectively construct roads, bridges and other infrastructure.
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Mining and Quarry
High-quality chains and devices for tyre protection, traction and stability.
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Power Generation
Durable and reliable chain conveyor and drive components to help maximise productivity and safety while reducing downtime.
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Engineered Solutions
High-quality ideal engineered solutions for lifting, load restraint and materials handling. User our purpose-designed lifting slings or other solutions.
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Fertiliser Conveying Systems
Fertiliser Conveying Systems. Conveying solutions for the safe transportation of fertiliser and soil materials.
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Waste and Recycling
RUD is a trusted partner in the delivery of waste and recycling conveying solutions and has been since 1984.
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