ICE IRG Connector

  • A connecting part for foolproof connections with forkheads, flanges, etc.
  • Comes preassembled with connecting bolt and tensioning sleeve
  • ICE IRG Connector is marked by RUD-ID-TAG® (RFID chip) and stamped with a clear identification number
  • ICE Lashing chains with tensioner ICE-CURT-GAKO and IMVK
  • Maximum operation temperature of the lifting point with percentage reduction of working load limit dependent on the product.
  • 4:1 min. safety factor for lifting and 2:1 safety factor for lashing capacity.
  • Inspection and documentation made easy! By the RUD-ID-System (equipped with own RFID chip).
  • Lifitng point has been tested by DGUV (German legal accident insurance) and has the corresponding written approval.

Product Variants (5)