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Understanding Lifting Chains - A Guide to Safe and Efficient Lifting - Part 2

Posted 25/03/2024
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Part 2 of the 2-part article. Click here to read Part 1.

Identifying Chain Grades:

Chains are stamped with their grade for easy identification. Grades 80 and 100 use the "(H)" stamp followed by the number (e.g., H8 for Grade 80, H10 for Grade 100). However, Grade 120 employs the "(D)" stamp. It is important to point out here that unlike lifting chains, hoist chains cannot be used for lifting and are stamped with letters to prevent potentially dangerous mix-ups.

Safety Certifications and Testing:

Safety is paramount. Always opt for chains approved by relevant regulatory bodies (e.g., DGUV in Germany). Traceability through batch codes and RFID chips (offered by RUD) is also recommended. Regular inspections and electromagnetic crack tests (every three years) are essential for safety assurance.

Choosing the Right Lifting Chain:

Selecting the right chain hinges on several factors.

RUD will help you with the best chain suspension for lifting based on the following:

  • Load type and weight
  • Attachment points
  • The presence of sharp edges or rough surfaces
  • Required WLL
  • Load's centre of gravity
  • Operating temperature range
  • Ease of operational safety checks



By understanding the types, grades, and applications of lifting chains, you can ensure safe and efficient lifting operations. Remember to prioritise safety by adhering to regulations, conducting proper inspections, and selecting the most suitable chain for your specific needs.

Click here to download our Lifting Points and Lifting Means Catalogues.

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