Coil Car

The Coil Car is the ideal solution for the safe, simple and efficient movement of steel coils. 

Coils can be loaded directly onto the Car with a C-Hook or other loading device, driven towards the uncoiler and height positioned to load over an expanding mandrel such as that on the Uncoiler.
Our 6 and 10 tonne model are standard. We can also manufacture to suit your required tonnage.

Key Features (standard model):
  • Compact footprint
  • Robust design with quality componentry
  • Four pillar guides and central 500mm stroke hydraulic cylinder (can be configured to suit application)
  • 3 metre travel rail (can be customized)
Safety Features (standard model)
  • Extended wings for extra stability
  • Safety rail lock – anti-tipping device
Optional Extras
  • Safety locating pins for narrow coils available to suit your requirements
  • Standard dedicated push button controls can be installed as part of an integrated system