Quad Hook

The Quad Hook is used to safely and efficiently move large coils of steel in the vertical bore position

Serious injury has occurred when using a conventional bore T-hook and other non-standard tools. The Quad Hook is a solution which not only provides extra safety for operators but minimises the likelihood coil damage from unravelling. With an innovative cradle support system the Quad Hook is designed for ease-of-use and provides extra peace of mind to employers concerned about safety.

  • Unique patented design solution to a common safety problem
  • Four pivoting arms provide an evenly distributed cradled support for the coils
  • Quick and easy engage and disengage of the arms significantly reduces potential for coil damage
  • Handling grips designed for manoeuvrability
  • Remote uncoupling to allow for safe lifting to and from high storage
  • Wide and narrow versions available to suit coils being lifted’
  • Stand specifically designed for safe hook storage