Quad Hook

The Quad Hook moves large steel coils in the vertical bore position safely and efficiently.

This is used to move large steel coils safely and efficiently. The Quad Hook eliminates the risks of conventional T-hooks and bore tongs as it minimises the likelihood of coil damage from unravelling. The Quad Hook provides peace of mind for safety with four pivoting arms that cradle the coils securely, minimising damage and operator risk.

  • Unique patented design solution to a common safety problem
  • Four pivoting arms provide an evenly distributed cradled support for the coils
  • Quick and easy engage/disengage of the arms significantly reduce potential for coil damage
  • Handling grips designed for manoeuvrability
  • Remote uncoupling to allow for safe lifting to and from high storage
  • Wide and narrow versions are available to suit coils being lifted
  • Stand specifically designed for safe hook storage