Hydraulic Coil Tilter

The Hydraulic Coil Tilter is an upender for tilting coils of steel from a vertical to a horizontal bore position enabling safe loading to an Uncoiler machine.

Hydraulically driven and can be stopped with the load held at any point in the turning process. This machine is robust, easily maintained and reliable with quality Australian-sourced componentry. Our 6 tonne model is standard but we can custom manufacture to suit your required tonnage.

Safety Features (standard model):

  • Start switch delay - on turning the start switch there is a two second delay before commencement of operation.
  • Audio visual warning - turning the start switch immediately operates an orange flashing light and audible siren for the two seconds prior to commencement of operations and throughout the entire cycle of the machine.
  • ‘Deadman’ start switch - the start switch has to be continually held in place by the operator during the cycle of the machine. releasing the start switch will automatically cease operation of the machine.
  • Separate operator console – we offer the option for the manual controls to be mounted away from the coil tilter for increased visibility.
  • Fork tyne slots – for safe and easy transportation and manoeuvring.