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Benefits of RUD Tyre Protection Chains in mining

Posted 20/02/2023
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Harsh environment of mines can make short work of tyres because of sharp-edged rocks and abrasive surfaces.

Sharp-edged rocks and aggressive surfaces can destroy tyres within a short period. Whether it be iron ore in the Australian desert, diamonds in a freezing arctic lake, copper and gold high in the South American Andes or coal seams and complex deposits deep underground are all just a few challenges confronting mining companies in the world today.

Tyre protection chains were first used in mining and quarrying industries worldwide in the 1950s and for the last 35 years in Australia. Tyre protection chains are now used commonly on quarry and mine sites because they not only reduce unplanned downtime of front-line production machines but also help ensure operator safety.

In mining, time is directly connected to productivity, and any unscheduled downtime is an unwanted and costly inconvenience. Earthmovers constantly face damages to tyres, due to punctures and sidewall damage from rock debris and accidental impact. Hence, investment in top quality tyre protection chains is necessary and it often proves beneficial in the long run.

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Did you know RUD supplies 65% of the world's tyre protection chain market?

RUD is the inventor and the world leader in tyre protection chains which are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in southern Germany. RUD tyre protection chains are a close mesh of high-alloy, hardened steel chains which protect the tread and sidewalls of the tyres. The flexible design of the chains let them adjust to every tyre contour. In addition, a high level of self-cleaning prevents the tread mesh becoming filled and clogged, which helps to achieve optimum road grip and traction.

Why do you need tyre protection chains for your mine?

Below are 3 reasons why you should place your trust in a set of high-quality tyre protection chains from RUD:

1. Help to Maximise Safety

In wet and slippery environments, especially in mines, operating heavy vehicles can be very dangerous. Creating a safe work environment is a legal requirement and critical to your long-term success. At the end of the day, your team is your most valuable asset and safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds when conducting business.

RUD tyre protection chains are high quality, with case hardened alloy chains linked in patented designs to provide high level traction and ensure safe operation.

2. Help to reduce Operating Costs

Tyre protection chains protect tyre treads and sidewalls on wheeled machinery from damage and sudden-death failure. In both open and underground mines, the probability of the tyres hitting rock walls is high and as such, tyre protection chains can protect the tread and sidewall against cuts, punctures, and excessively high wear rates. This greatly reduces operating costs, which can be diverted into other areas of the business to improve operations.

RUD’s tyre protection chains:

    • Use case hardened alloy chains linked in patented designs to provide a high level of tyre protection.
    • Are designed to be used across fire and hot slag conditions, which can be very dangerous and lead to loss of equipment through burnt tyres.
    • Can help extend tyre life by a factor of ten.

3. Help to increase Flexibility and Overall Productivity

With fewer repairs comes less downtime, therefore boosting productivity and helping to increase efficiency for the mine. RUD tyre protection chains guarantee machine availability, increased efficiency, and overall productivity.

RUD tyre protection chains offer:

    • Optimum traction and assists in the operation of mining trucks, wheel loaders and dozers operating in wet and slippery environments, thus improving production levels.
    • Sharp edges on the outer surface of the chain and multiple link designs will help increase traction to suit a wide range of aggressive and low traction surfaces.
    • Designs and benefits that vary to each project and specific requirements.
    • Can help extend tyre life by a factor of ten.

RUD has been manufacturing chains for tyres for over 70 years, working alongside many reputed mining companies. Today, RUD Tyre Protection and Traction Chains can be found in hundreds of mine sites across Australia.

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