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Importance of load securing in vehicles - Part 1

Posted 15/03/2023
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When transporting goods or equipment over the road, it is critical to ensure that the goods or equipment is securely fastened. Poor load securing could lead to accidents including human life, vehicle damage, and put road users at significant risk. In addition to the financial and human costs of accidents; there are other significant risks such as liability and negligence claims, criminal prosecution, legal action, higher insurance premiums, and damage to the company’s reputation.

Load Securing

Cargo on a vehicle is subject to acceleration forces when the vehicle on which it is traveling accelerates, brakes, or changes direction. If the cargo on the vehicle is not securely fastened, this means the risk of the cargo moving forward, sliding backward, or tipping sideways is very high. Hence, when a vehicle brakes, the force of momentum will cause the unrestrained cargo to continue moving in its original (forward) direction and thereby cause significant risk of damage to the cargo itself, the vehicle, and possible personal injury to the driver or other road users.

Loaded vehicles are subject to 0.8g deceleration in forward movement, and 0.5g deceleration in both backward and lateral (sideways) directions*. For example, a cargo weighing 10 tonnes is subject to 8 tonnes of forward force and 5 tonnes either sideways or backward. Hence, the cargo must be secured to prevent damage, injury, and risks.


*Australian National Heavy Vehicle Register Load Restraint Guide 2018

Benefits of RUD Lashing Systems

RUD is the world leader and expert in lifting and lashing solutions. All RUD sling products are manufactured exclusively for lifting and load securing using cutting-edge technology. This is why our made-in-Germany innovative products set global standards for the lifting and lashing industry.

RUD offers a range of lashing points and lashing chains for optimal securing of cargo. Some of the popular RUD load-securing products for cargo transport are:

Load securing hints for heavy cargo

One of the solutions to secure heavy cargo is to use RUD lashing chains in double strands. (See picture below).  


Endless-Chain Lashing

What happens if there are no lashing points on the cargo to secure the load directly? Using a shackle to connect the lashing chain to unsuitable lashing points is risky because it exposes the shackle to bending stresses. The best option in such cases is to use an Endless Chain that has the same Lashing Capacity (LC) as a lashing chain. And if the chain is “doubled-up”, sharp edges will not cause any problems.

An ICE-Endless-Chain can be used with an ICE-Multi-shortening claw (see last 2 pictures on right) to form a closed chain.

The advantages of such a configuration are:

  • The endless chain can be opened without tools and
  • Is adjustable in its endless chain diameter.

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