LRBS-FIX Lashing-Load ring for welding with circumferential weld seam

  • Weld-on lashing point free from sub-surface corrosion due to circular HY-weld seam. Smaller weld seam compared to the previous LRBS. Total length and total width identical to the previous LRBS.
  • No time-consuming alignment between the weld-on blocks and ring. Clamp spring is protected placed inside the weld-on block. The spring fixes the weld-on blocks to the ring and creates at the same time a radial clamping. No loose items.
  • Clamping spring avoids rattling noise.
  • Recognition of inclination angle indicated by markings on the ring and on the blocks in all levels.
  • Marked at the ring with the permitted lashing capacity “LC” in daN
  • Welding should only be carried out by qualified persons according to ISO 9606-1.
  • Full working load in all directions.
  • ECS 19190 122
  • The lifting point has got a rotation range of XXX° in the suspension link (XXX° being representative for the different values).

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