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Introducing the ACP-TURNADO

The World’s first smart Lifting Point


Setting a new standard among centre-pull hoist rings, the ACP-TURNADO is a cut above the rest.

  • Unique RUD spring mechanism
  • RUD ICE Bolt Technology
  • Wear marking Indicators
  • Factory-equipped with RFID transponder
  • Pivot joint in lifting ring axis
ACP with Features

The Benefits

More than just another centre pull hoist ring.

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  • Up to 30 percent higher working load limits (WLLs) than hoist rings of comparable sizes – thanks to RUD ICE-Bolt technology and the ACP's optimised, low-profile design
  • Automatic turning into load direction or to the direction of force; meaning no sudden sinking of the load
  • No sudden movement of the hook – a primary benefit of the round lifting ring design
  • Maximum low-temperature resistance
  • Wear indicators
  • RFID technology as standard

The ACP-TURNADO significantly improves the handling of loads avoiding the following risks:

  • High shear stresses and bending episodes leading to mechanical damage or even breakage
  • Sudden flipping and sinking of the load with dangerous forces
  • Damage to the load, lifting means and crane components
  • Higher risk of employee injuries
  • No stoppage of the lifting ring with high shear stresses and bending moments.
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ACP-TURNADO: Product Flyer

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ACP-TURNADO: User Instructions

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Lifting & Lashing Selection Guide

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Duration: 30 Seconds

ACP-TURNADO VIDEO: Lifting Reinvented

Duration: 40 seconds

ACP-TURNADO: more than the sum of its parts

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