Spreader/Lifting Beams

The Spreader and Lifting Beams are custom-made solutions for lifting heavy and cumbersome loads efficiently.

The Lifting Beams are generally used where loads must be lifted and moved in a horizontal configuration and where the load is being lifted from a single lifting point. The load being lifted is spread over the length of the beam, giving an even distribution and a safer lift.

RUD’s custom-engineered spreader and lifting beams optimise weight distribution for safely and efficiently lifting heavy, awkward loads. 

Benefits of the Spreader/Lifting Beams are:

  • One Stop Shop Solution - Beams are designed and manufactured in-house to minimise lead time and maximise cost-effectiveness
  • Weight reduction - Optimised design and FEA analysis minimise the amount of steel required to achieve the required lifts
  • Robust build - All beam designs are tested with FEA software, certified by an external engineer, and then proof load tested after manufacture