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RUD Solutions for the Steel Industry

Posted 19/02/2024
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Performance and safety are paramount when lifting or moving heavy products. In such conditions, the need for specialised material handling equipment is critical. RUD understands these challenges and offers a range of solutions designed specifically for steel handling.

In addition to the steel handling products, RUD Australia also offers additional solutions for lifting and lashing. From heavy coils to cumbersome beams, our robust and reliable products prioritise safety and efficiency at every stage of your business.

Pacman Coil Tilter: The Pacman Coil Tilter is a small footprint up-ender for tilting steel coils from a vertical to a horizontal bore position, enabling safe loading to an Uncoiler machine.

The Pacman Coil Tilter is driven mechanically and can be stopped with the load in the turning process. RUD offers a standard 6-tonne model with a slewing base, and we can customise it to suit your required tonnage.

Safety features include a start delay switch, audio-visual warning, a ‘deadman’ start switch and fork tyne slots. The Pacman Coil Tilter, with its space-saving design, provides reliable tilting and easy load control.

Click here for more details about the RUD Pacman Coil Tilter, or watch the video here.

Self-Levelling C-Hook: Handle coils easily and confidently thanks to the optimised design and ergonomic handle. We can provide custom options with multiple coil widths and protection pads to minimise product damage.

Click here for more details on the RUD Self-Levelling C-Hook.

Quad Hook: This is used to move large steel coils safely and efficiently. The Quad Hook eliminates the risks of conventional T-hooks and bore tongs as it minimises the likelihood of coil damage from unravelling. The Quad Hook provides peace of mind for safety with four pivoting arms that cradle the coils securely, minimising damage and operator risk.

Click here for more details on the RUD Quad Hook.

Spreader/Lifting Beams: RUD’s custom-engineered spreader and lifting beams optimise weight distribution for the safe and efficient lifting of heavy, awkward loads. We design the spreader/lifting beams in-house to minimise lead time and maximise cost-effectiveness. Our beam designs are verified with FEA software, certified by an external engineer, and then proof load tested after manufacture.

Click here for more details on the RUD Speader and Lifting Beams.

Hands-Free Feeder Unit (HFFU): A safe, reliable hands-free system to feed coil from the mandrel into the roll former. The HFFU eliminates the need to feed the coil, thereby preventing injuries manually. It will also increase productivity as the operator needs minimal interaction in the coil feeding process.

Click here for more details on the RUD Hands-Free Feeder Unit.

Coil Car: Move coils safely and simply with our compact yet powerful coil transporters. Coils can be loaded directly on the car with a C-Hook or other loading device, driven towards the uncoiler and height positioned to load over an expanding mandrel. We custom manufacture to suit your requirements.

Safety features include extended wings and safety rail locks for optimal stability.

Click here for more details on the RUD Coil Car.

All RUD products are rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest safety standards. RUD's commitment to safety, quality and sustainability is demonstrated by our accreditations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS/NZS, ISO 3834.2, ISO/IEC 17025 and AS 45001.

Investing in RUD's steel handling solutions means:

  • Enhanced safety for your workforce.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduced risk of coil damage and equipment failure.
  • Customisable options for your specific requirements.

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