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Tackling a Red-Hot Steel Challenge

Posted 27/06/2024
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When a foundry in Italy found itself in a hot problem, they turned to RUD.

Foundries are notoriously harsh environments. They get hot, insanely hot. Red-hot loads demand equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures while ensuring safe and efficient operation.

A foundry in Italy needed to move scorching hot steel bars that were long and weighed thousands of kilos. They were also square-shaped with a unique profile that required a unique lifting solution.

The Situation

The project had several challenges:

  • Extreme Temperatures: The bars reached a staggering 300°C, requiring a heat-resistant lifting mechanism to protect operators and equipment.
  • Weight and Size: Each bar measured 12 meters long and weighed a hefty 2,400 kg, requiring a robust lifting solution with a high working load limit (WLL).
  • Square Geometry: The square profile of the bars (14x14 cm and 16x16 cm) demanded a unique clamping mechanism for secure grip and transport stability.

A Unique Solution

RUD has been in the lifting business for years and knows steel like the back of our hand. So, we took our knowledge of high-quality clamps and chains and devised a custom system to handle this hot situation.

  • Built to Last: We customised a robust system that weighed 150 kg with a working load limit (WLL) of 2,500 kg. This was a rock-solid solution that provided stability and safety. The system's core component was a RUD VIP-2-strand sling, which hooked into the crane for a secure connection.
  • Versatile Clamping: The clamping mechanism was versatile and could adjust to slight size differences (14x14 cm and 16x16 cm) without a problem. This ensured a secure grip regardless of minor size discrepancies, preventing potential slippage during transport - the last thing you need when dealing with red-hot metal!
  • Safety First Followed by Efficiency: Safety is paramount in a foundry for both the employees and the equipment. Our safety-friendly design ticked all the boxes. We made it semi-automatic with a lever system for hooking and unhooking the bars. This kept the operators far away from the intense heat. The lever also controlled the rotation and locking of the clamps, ensuring the bars stayed put throughout the entire process. The clamps themselves were attached to super-strong 8mm RUD VIP Grade 100 sling chains - chosen specifically for their exceptional heat resistance and strength.

Game Change for the Client

This custom system has been a game-changer for the foundry, improving operations on the floor. It moves the steel bars with ease, keeping things efficient while prioritising operator safety. This project is a perfect example of how RUD combines high-quality lifting components with custom-designed solutions. This tailored approach sets RUD apart from the competition. We don't just sell products; we deliver solutions for even the most challenging high-temperature lifting situations.

This project shows our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. By combining our expertise in lifting with a dedication to custom design, we ensure safety, efficiency, and happy customers, no matter how hot the job gets.

If you want more details of our lifting and lashing solutions, email us or call us on 07 3809 1300.

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