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RUD Vacuum Lifter

Posted 01/02/2023
RUD Group, Engineered Products

Engineering innovation at its best!

RUD Chains has developed a custom vacuum lifter for a challenging application using innovative technology and engineering expertise. This new product will help the customer to safely lift and fit components in situations otherwise impossible for traditional lifting devices.

RUD’s in-house engineers provide concept-to-completion solutions to engineering problems.

RUD can help increase project productivity, efficiency and safety by designing and delivering bespoke products and solutions. We help businesses remain competitive by solving real-world industry challenges. 

Complete Engineered Solutions
  • Concept - Innovative thinking and conceptual modelling.
  • Design - Detailed engineering drawings, 3D modelling, structural analysis and finite element modelling.
  • Manufacture - In-house fabrication, welding and machining, as well as refurbishment of used equipment.
  • Compliance & certification - Workplace Health and Safety compliance and certification to Australian, EN and ISO standards.
  • Site commissioning - Installation, auditing and reporting.
  • Inspection, testing & commissioning - Proof and destructive testing, quality control and commissioning to relevant standards.
  • Technical support - Ongoing support and training, technical inspections and non-destructive testing.

Pictures from CICA 2019 and CICA 2022.

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