ACP-TURNADO: The Only Responsive and Intelligent Hoist Ring

Hoist rings are special types of heavy-duty lifting rings used together with hoists for lifting and lowering loads. They have many applications wherever load work is involved, such as in the plastic processing, machine building, the tool and die industry, construction, and other industry sectors.

The problem with conventional centric lifting points, especially in 90-degree side load use, is that the lifting ring typically stays in the upright position during the lifting process. This often leads to what is known as the worst-case position, or dangerous transverse loading. When this happens, it can result in a number of high-risk scenarios:

  • High shear stresses and bending moments act on the lifting point can lead to mechanical damage or even breakage
  • Sudden sinking of the load with dangerous forces may take place.
  • It increases the risk of damage to the load, lifting means, and crane components.
  • The risk of employee injuries increases.

These problems posed with using typical hoist rings are by no means minimal.

What makes the RUD ACP-TURNADO so special?

Simple. RUD Lifting and Lashing came up with an innovative spring mechanism that has dramatically improved the safety and efficiency provided by the RUD ACP-TURNADO

The benefits of using the RUD ACP-TURNADO in your business:
  • No stoppage of the lifting ring with high shear stresses and bending moments. The intelligent design of the RUD ACP-TURNADO enables it to turn immediately into the direction of optimal force transmission, so the worst-case position with its high transverse loads is avoided.
  • Automatic turning into load direction or to the direction of force; hence, there is no sudden sinking of the load.
  • Up to 30 percent higher working load limits (WLLs) than hoist rings of comparable sizes – thanks to RUD Ice-Bolt technology, and our hoist ring’s optimised, low-profile design. Our engineering team has strengthened the new hoist ring, especially at its most stressed areas, and has optimised its height and shape. This revolutionary design, in combination with the use of the RUD ICE fine grain steel bolt technology, sets the new standard.
  • No kinking of the hook – a primary benefit of the round lifting ring design.
  • Maximum force transmission in all possible directions.
  • Captive yet exchangeable rotatable combination-head screw.
  • Combines maximum material strength with very high ductility.
  • Masters high-bending loads statically and dynamically.
  • Maximum low-temperature resistance.
  • Wear indicators.
  • RFID technology as standard.

The mechanics of the new RUD ACP-TURNADO ensure that the anchor point always immediately turns in the load direction when raising the load. This prevents the possibility of a dangerous stop of the bracket occurring and the associated high-shearing forces.

This also rules out the highly-feared dropping of the load as a result of the sudden turning of the bracket. Moreover, through its optimised design and the special screw technology, the anchor point facilitates higher working load limits of up to 30 percent.

Simple Inspection and Maintenance

An RFID transponder is installed as standard to simplify the inspection of operating equipment, and ensure inspection and maintenance as well as documentation work is done quickly, efficiently, seamlessly and without fail. This, in turn, ensures the safety of RUD ACP-TURNADO use as well as the safety of your employees.

Ready to use RUD ACP-TURNADO?

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