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Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD2020) - Not All Lifting Points Are Equal

Posted 09/07/2020
Lifting & Lashing Points

Safely conducting lifts is an integral part of the RUD ethos.

Today on 9 July, RUD Chains Australia recognises Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD2020). This is a day to help spread the word about raising standards throughout the global lifting industry. RUD Chains Australia is a member of the event’s sponsor organisation, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA). 

Since 1875, RUD Chains, has been leading the way in solving industry-specific materials handling issues. In Australia since 1984, RUD Australia is a trusted partner across many sectors including defence, infrastructure, power stations, mining and engineering industries.

What is a Lifting Point?

Globally, RUD’s engineers are the experts in designing lifting-points which are designed to conduct lifts safely. Here at RUD Australia, our in-house engineers use that superior technology to design safe and efficient lifting solutions using RUD lifting points and RUD chains.

A lifting point refers to the connection between the load and the lifting or lashing means, or gear, used to lift or lashing down of the load. The RUD lifting point is used during the safe lifting of the load, as well as s secure point for lashing down of the load.

RUD’s lifting points are designed with quality, ergonomics, and safety in mind. The company holds 500 patents for its lifting point technology. Our lifting points feature more than 700 tested boltable and weldable lifting point variants capable of handling load ranges up to 250 t. They meet and exceed the most stringent requirements in all application areas when combined with our unique variety of ICE and VIP chain systems.

Our lifting products offer superior quality and safety in three distinct ways.

1. Boltable Lifting Points

RUD’s boltable lifting points are designed to handle a dynamic load of 20,000 cycles and are tested at an overload of 50 per cent. All load-bearing parts are crack and load tested in compliance with International and Australian Standards and have WLL ranges from 100 kg to 250 t. RUD lifting points are available in all common thread dimensions (metric, inch, UNC, UNF etc.).

2. Weldable Lifting Points

RUD weldable lifting points are designed for maximum load and are available for WLL ranging from 600 kg to 100 t, they provide safety in all loading directions. All the load-bearing parts have been crack-tested and load-tested in accordance with EN 1677. Our popular ABA and VLBS weld-on lifting points can be loaded in all directions and are virtually indestructible. They include patented wear markings inside and out.

3. Lashing Points

Correct — and safe — load securing begins in the design phase. RUD engineers understand the importance of lashing points for the safe transport of heavy loads. Our lashing systems are made using the most advanced technology available to ensure the safe operation in all weather conditions and are designed to comply with International and Australian standards and are trusted by international and local Defence Forces.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Continued Innovation is the forefront of all RUD lifting points and two of RUD Chains Australia’s most popular lifting points offer superior lifting technology and added safety.

The VLBG PLUS evolved from the popular RUD VLBG load ring and includes an ICE-Bolt made from RUD’s patented fine-grain steel. The VLBG-PLUS offers up to 45 per cent higher working load limit than its predecessor for the same size thread.

RUD’s ACP-TURNADO is another new innovative and popular lifting point that is setting a new standard among centre-pull hoist rings. It comes equipped with a unique RUD spring mechanism and ICE-Bolt technology and provides up to 30 per cent higher working load limits than comparably sized hoist rings. 

RUD Chains Australia is committed to continue building best practices in the Lifting Industry using a combination of our patented lifting points and engineered solutions. Our dedicated, in-house teamwork with our partners to provide innovative solutions with safety and efficiency as a key focus.

Reach out today to learn more about how our products can improve your lifting experience.

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