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Safety, the focus with the RUD Tool Mover

Posted 20/08/2019

RUD has a proud history of providing high-quality products and material-handling solutions to the market, combined with a dedication to safety that is second to none.

Working with and around suspended load is incredibly dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death in some cases. The Tool Mover avoids this by operating from its position on the floor and has a solid construction to securely hold your machinery in place while reducing the risk of injury.

Available in a range of sizes the Tool Mover offers significant benefits that can improve your employee safety and streamline your daily operations.

The RUD Tool Mover's Many Uses

The RUD Tool Mover is a portable rotation system for the maintenance of injection moulding equipment, die-cast aluminium pieces, tool construction, automotive and packaging equipment, punching and bending technology, electrical systems and more.

The Tool Mover works well in both large and small operations and its range of sizes and supreme mobility contribute to this versatility. 

Benefits include:

  • Easy set-up - The Tool Mover can be set up quickly and easily for efficiency. You can easily pick the equipment up with a forklift or a crane and re-position exactly where you need and connect to power to start operation
  • Well balanced - The Tool Mover's unique shape positions your equipment right over the machine's centre of gravity. This prevents overbalancing when you move or pivot the equipment around your project site.

  • The right combination of power and precision - Frequency-controlled drive technology gives you soft starting and stopping power that won't stress or strain equipment during transit. This is critical for keeping delicate and finely tuned pieces in full working order.[1]
  • Reliable safety features - Safety is paramount with all of RUD's products. This is reflected in safety features like secure RUD lifting points, guard brackets, control units, steel mesh, anti-slip coating and more. Additionally, the remote-control functionality provides another level of safety and security[2].
  • Full automation- The Tool Mover is fully automated, eliminating the risks associated with manual turn handling. This feature increases safety as well as boosting efficiency across a number of different projects.

  • Simple cleaning processes – Cleaning tools can be difficult when it comes to accessing the many tight internal spaces of a piece of machinery, especially if you don't have a way to tilt or rotate the equipment. With the Tool Mover, you can rotate the equipment as much as you need to improve accessibility and cleaning efficiency.

[1] Frequency control drive not available for 8T unit
[2] Available as optional parts to base unit


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