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Lifting and turning a pump weighing several tonnes was done safely and easily with RUD ICE endless chains.


RUD lifts a massive pump in a mine.

Mining in Chile is concentrated in the Norte Grande region spanning most of the Atacama Desert. The Atacama Desert lies 60 km southeast of Calama and is known as the driest desert in the world. The biggest challenge for mining companies is the lack of water, which is vital to the mining processes for concentrating and leaching. Most mining companies extract water from aquifers located high in the Andes Mountains, while some get it pumped from the coast.

The mine that requested a solution from RUD, extracted copper and molybdenum ore from depths of 1000 mts. This mine used a pump that transported water through 144 km of pipes from the coast to the mine site.

The problem.

The pump to transport water was huge, and its size and weight over several tonnes posed several challenges during maintenance and repair work. The mining company could only use shackles rated at 40kg per shackle and the weight of the total number of shackles to raise the pump made it impossible with this option.

The solution.

Lightweight chains instead of heavy shackles.

To solve the weight problem, RUD offered a solution of using adjustable ICE endless chains with a nominal thickness of 16 mm. ICE endless chains are used to lash an object directly without lashing or lifting points. The advantage of ICE endless chains is that it can be secured and opened without tools and the chain can be adjusted in its loop diameter. The ICE endless chain can be used with an ICE multi-shortening claw to form a closed chain.

The result.

A safe solution weighing only 11 kg per chain with the overall weight reduced by 70%.

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Welcome aboard Australia’s leading material lifting and handling technology company.

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Welcome aboard Australia’s leading material lifting and handling technology company.

Click the button to read about us, our products, news, blog posts and everything happening at RUD in Australia and around the world.

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RUD is a leading manufacturer of conveyor and drive technology globally. We offer high-quality and innovative conveying solutions which are highly regarded for quality performance and low maintenance in both open-cut and underground mining applications.

In any mine site, the reliability and efficiency of equipment are critical in avoiding unscheduled downtime due to breakdowns. In Australia, RUD has partnered with global materials handling giant, Gambarotta Group and this partnership enables us to offer complete solutions. All RUD conveyor and drive systems use reliable RUD round steel chains, forged link chains, screw drives, or belt drive systems.

The RUD solutions for the mining industry include:

Apron Feeder Conveyors

RUD apron feeder conveyors have a reduced-height design so they are compact and highly suitable for horizontal and bunker loading requirements. These conveyors are wear-resistant, made of quenched and tempered components, capable of handling high loads and engineered to last. RUD’s heavy-duty conveyor applications with premium components offer long life and durability on mine sites.

Trough Chain Conveyors

RUD trough/drag chain conveyors are specifically designed to safely transport powdery, grainy, flaky, or dusty material. They are heat-resistant, hardwearing, and provide the option to use multiple inlets and outlets. RUD drag conveyors can be designed as a sealed unit ensuring emissions are contained within the conveying process.

Spillage Drag Conveyors

RUD spillage chain conveyor systems are suitable for low-profile and reduced-access applications.

The heavy-duty hardened-steel chain systems used in RUD spillage chain conveyors make them a low-maintenance, highly efficient, reliable, and robust conveying solution. Workplace safety is also enhanced as their design eliminates the need to access and clean up under the conveyors.

Screw Conveyors

RUD screw conveyors are low maintenance and are available as single, double, or triple conveyor units to transport material in horizontal, inclined, or vertical applications.

Chain Bucket Elevators

RUD’s range of chain bucket elevator systems is suitable for bulk material handling. Our international expertise in quality elevators has offered solutions to reduce maintenance and operating costs. Our commitment to customers and availability of quality components helps with longer production run times.

RUD’s bucket elevator mounting attachments include:

Belt Bucket Elevators

The reinforced steel or textile inlays found in RUD belt-type bucket elevators guarantee an easy and efficient transport of product in the processing of minerals. The high-temperature rubber composition and fortified belts of RUD elevators make them extremely durable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Truck Surface Feeders

RUD chain-driven belt feeder conveyors are one of the most eco-friendly conveyor systems because they offer considerably higher efficiency in the form of faster solids processing time, lower thermal energy loss, and waterless operation. They are engineered to last and are capable of handling even the most hazardous waste applications of the mining industry.

Gambarotta truck surface feeders are specifically designed for efficient discharge operations, with the option to adjust the flow rate of the conveying material if required, optimising the processing time.

RUD Group also offers world-renowned tyre protection chains for the mining industry. RUD is the inventor and the world leader in tyre protection chains, supplying 65% of the world’s tyre protection chain market. RUD’s tyre protection chains help to reduce unplanned downtime of front-line production machines and boost safe working conditions on the mine site.

With a state-of-the-art 6000m2 manufacturing facility in Brisbane and a sales/warehouse in Perth, RUD can also offer bespoke engineered solutions. Our qualified team of CPeng/RPEQ engineers can manage every aspect of a mining project with concept-to-completion solutions. Our quality control systems include compliance with Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001, and AS 45001 so you can be assured of the highest quality to meet industry standards.

This article was published in the Australian Mining Review April 2023 issue. Article copyright to RUD and AMR, this information is accurate at the time of publication and RUD Australia takes no responsibility for any errors inadvertent or otherwise.

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