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Innovative Solutions for Cement and Asphalt Industries

Posted 07/10/2020
Conveyor Systems

RUD Conveying Solutions for the Cement and Asphalt Industries

Since 1984, RUD Australia has been at the forefront of providing high quality innovative conveying solutions for various industries and applications. Time and again, RUD has developed safe, state-of-the-art chain driven technology designed for the safe handling of a diverse range of materials, such as cement, gravel, limestone, slag, dry ash, minerals, ores, aggregates, steel, coal, and soil and construction waste.

The experience we’ve accumulated through the years has differentiated RUD as an industry leader in providing tailored materials handling solutions that are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards.

One of RUD cutting-edge design and engineering achievements includes new high-performing and low-maintenance conveying solutions designed for the cement and asphalt industries. These include:

Central chain bucket elevator conveyors

Designed to vertically transport granular, lumpy materials like limestone, cement, gravel, and slag, RUD central chain bucket conveyors are efficient and reliable. Durable and fitted with wear-resistant RUD chains, RUD central chain bucket conveyors are also capable of transporting high-temperature materials.

RUD’s bucket elevator mounting attachments include the:

  • RUca bucket attachment that can be used in place of DIN bucket attachment systems for round steel bucket elevators. The seamless integration of RUD chains and RUD chain connectors makes this an exceptionally efficient system that reduces the risk of breakage and minimises wear and tear.
  • System 2win double-link attachment, which runs on toothed or non-toothed wheels and is designed for use with bucket conveyors with a maximum height of 60 metres.
  • System 65, designed to carry exceptionally heavy loads and run at high conveying speeds.
Apron feeder conveyors

RUD apron feeder conveyors have a reduced-height design so they are compact and highly suitable for horizontal and bunker loading requirements. Wear-resistant and made of heat-treated components, our apron feeder conveyor systems are capable of handling high loads and are engineered to last.

Trough chain conveyors

RUD trough chain conveyors are specifically designed for the safe transport of powdery, grainy, flaky, or dusty material used in the chemicals, cement, construction, and recycling industries. They are heat-resistant, hardwearing, and provide the options to use multiple inlets and outlets.

Chain-driven belt feeder conveyors

Our chain-driven belt feeder conveyors are one of our most eco-friendly conveyor systems as they offer considerably higher efficiency in the form of faster solids processing time, lower thermal energy loss, and waterless operation.

RUD belt feeder conveyor systems are engineered to last and are capable of handling even the most hazardous waste applications in the energy, mineral, cement, waste handling, and soil and construction waste industries.

Spillage drag conveyors

RUD spillage chain conveyor systems are suitable for low-profile, reduced-access applications, particularly for dry ash handling, mineral processing, mineral ore, aggregate, steel, and recycling.

The heavy-duty hardened-steel chain systems used in RUD spillage chain conveyors make them a low-maintenance, highly efficient, and robust conveying solution. Workplace safety is also enhanced as their design eliminates the need to access and clean under the conveyors.

Belt bucket elevators

The reinforced steel or textile inlays found in RUD belt-type bucket elevators guarantee the easy and efficient transport of limestone, cement, slag, coal, and mineral processing and recycled materials. Their high-temperature rubber composition and fortified belts make RUD belt bucket elevators extremely durable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

RUD TECDOS-driven telescopic chutes

Another component of RUD conveying solutions, TECDOS-driven telescopic chutes are suitable for operations in dusty environments. TECDOS components are highly corrosion-resistant, extremely durable, flexible, and customisable. They can be used when refurbishing existing equipment or with new chutes.

RUD conveying systems and components are designed to address specific client requirements to ultimately provide highly efficient, reliable, durable system solutions.

Our innovative engineering technology and mechanised solutions are safe, compliant, and designed to minimise health and safety risks in various operating environments.

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