Belt Bucket Elevators

BULKOS belt type bucket elevators, reinforced with textile or steel inlays, ensure easy transport of materials, even to the highest of conveying heights.

Their virtually noiseless operation is an additional benefit.

  • Quality components reduce downtime.
  • Modular drive drum and lagging.
  • Low wear from matched drive.
  • Uniform belt loading across full drum width.
  • High temperature rubber compositions suitable for a range of applications.
  • Bucket holes cut by water jet for accurate assembly.
  • Component spares packages available for retro-fit.
  • Automatic belt tensioner.
  • Low pretension forces for maximum efficiency.
  • Stability in belt provides long life
  • Tensile strength of belts provide low elongation
  • Steel cross bracing provides tranverse stability
  • The friction lining is easily exchangeable when worn
  • Drive drum easily installed or removed for servicing.
  • Segments of drum are re-usable,
  • Endless connection by hot vulcanisation or RUD clamp system.
  • Access doors provide easy inspection.