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Ensuring a safe and controlled operation is critical in the challenging conditions of marine projects. Marine environments are corrosive and heavily influenced by currents and tides. Hence, it is paramount that all factors are considered before installation to ensure long-term performance.

This article discusses the reasons why the RUD TECDOS drive solution was ideal for the Brisbane River Ferry Terminals.

The Challenge: Decoupling Walkway in a Marine Environment

International Consulting Engineering company Aurecon approached RUD seeking a drive solution to decouple the Brisbane River Ferry Terminal walkways. The biggest challenge was enabling controlled release and rotation of the walkway undercurrents and tides and preventing damage caused by the ebb and recess of the water flow.

Why TECDOS? Addressing Key Requirements

RUD invited Aurecon to a site visit to the Brisbane factory to demonstrate and showcase the capabilities of the RUD TECDOS system.

RUD TECDOS possessed several benefits that aligned with the project's specific requirements:

Click for more details of TECDOS Pi-Gamma Drive and Omega Drive technology and why RUD is the world leader in drive technology based on the RUD round steel chain mechanism for horizontal, vertical and rotational applications.

The RUD Solution: A Controlled and Safe Decoupling Mechanism

The implemented solution leverages the TECDOS chain drive system to achieve a controlled and safe decoupling process:

The Result: A Proven and Replicable Solution

The success of the RUD TECDOS implementation at the Brisbane River Ferry Terminal is evident by:

Watch the video of the engineering and design from Aurecon, which ensured an ideal option to ensure the critical ferry infrastructure is flood resilient, accessible and for travellers to enjoy and celebrate the river.

Conclusion: Addressing Marine Challenges with Innovative Solutions

The RUD TECDOS system on the Brisbane River Ferry Terminal demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness in addressing complex challenges in the marine sector. Its corrosion resistance, 3D flexibility, compact design, and precisely rated load capacity make it an ideal solution for applications requiring controlled movement and reliable operation in challenging environments.

In addition, the system's modular design and proven track record across multiple installations highlight its potential for wider implementation within the conveying and drive sectors, where accurate control, corrosion resistance, and space optimisation are critical considerations.

Article copyright to RUD Ketten and RUD Australia. This information is accurate at the time of publication, and RUD Australia takes no responsibility for any errors, inadvertent or otherwise. Some pictures are for illustration only

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RUD Australia is also a certified supplier to the Australian Defence Force. Some of the solutions we provide to the ADF are:

What does RUD offer?

We offer bespoke solutions for the challenging conditions in the maritime industry. Forged from Duplex Stainless Steel 1.4462, our products are suitable for corrosive applications, including the subsea ROV-Hook, which has been developed specially for rigging with underwater robots.

ROV Subsea Rigging Hook

RORO Weld-On Lashing Point

INOX-ABA Weld-On Lashing Point

INOX-STAR Bolt-On Lifting Point

TECDOS Drive Technology

TECDOS Drives can be used in linear, rotating, horizontal or vertical applications to:

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