FORKY Forked Linked Chain

RUD forked link chain FORKY: Improve efficiency and perfection in planning, running costs and maintenance.

High strength and durability in use & patented wear indicator
RUD forked link chain FORKY are outstanding products with impressive material properties: Drop-forged stainless steel ensures high strength and durability for daily use. RUD's unique heat treatment guarantees constant material quality and thus high availability. Fork link chains are drop-forged with top-quality results, thus making it possible to optimise the grain structure.

A sophisticated, visible wear indicator gives you an overview of the amount of wear in your system at a glance.

This makes breakdowns and unscheduled interruptions things of the past.

Forked-link chains are suitable for transporting powdered, flaky, grainy and fragmentary bulk materials, but not for sticky or baking bulk materials.

Examples:  Flour, cement, grains, sugar, chemicals, wood chips, foodstuff, animal feed etc.


  • Reduced weight 
  • Wear indicators 
  • Highest strength and durability

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